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  1. Thanks for the replies, it's really interesting to see the discussions in place. Yes, I did get a discount on the card. The card cost about £1,210. And that would be what I would like to get back if I need to go down that route. I'm not wanting any more than what I paid. I'm guessing it's just how I've been messed about and the customer service is non-existent. But I see where I stand and that's what I was trying to find out.
  2. I would just want what I paid for the gift card, my original spend back. Just to purchase the TV elsewhere. I'm not here to make some extra money, just i don't want to depart with my money with some company who don't value their customers. I've never had an issue with Currys in the past, I thought the stories I read were really only related to their black friday problem. I'm guessing not now . Looks like its their company values.
  3. No, I definitely would only want the value of what I paid for the gift card. Nothing more and nothing less. My only gripe is that this is the type of customer service I receive in spending my money with them, it really is beyond poor.
  4. Thank you again for the replies. I'm currently waiting for contact from currys or lack of. But I wanted to know my options if this TV fails to turn up within a reasonable time, if I am 100% stuck with only a giftcard refund because I purchased a giftcard to buy the TV. Or can I get a refund back into my bank. If the latter is possible and the TV does not turn up, I'm happy to keep pushing them until this is done. But, if this is not possible, then I don't want to fight a losing battle so to speak.
  5. Hi, I paid for the delivery via debit card. £20. They said they can only refund me via giftcard and not back to my bank. Because the value of the purchase was more via giftcard for the TV. The TV was paid in full via the giftcard. I've still not heard anything from them about my TV and when it will be delivered, this worries me more because should there be any issues in the future (touch wood the TV will be fine and last longer than the 5 year guarantee) and I need to make a claim, I don't want the stress I'm going through right now with the purchase. Thank you for your advice, I'm learning alot from the replies here.
  6. Thank you for your input. I'm just worried with the lack of customer service I've received so far, if something should go wrong, where would I stand. So far, it looks like their customer service is as expected. I've not heard about any delivery for my TV for today or even given any date as yet. Surely its false advertising on their part, I'm sure alot of other consumers would be stuck like myself.
  7. Hi, Just after some advice please. It might take a bit of reading, but please bear with me. Sunday 14th Feb: Purchased a gift card to use on Currys website. Ordered TV for £1300 for click and collect, picked up immediately. Got home and set TV up, there was a problem with it. The picture kept flickering, spend all evening playing around with the settings to try and see if there is something I've done wrong, even factory resetted TV. But problem still persist. Monday 15th Feb: Took TV back to store, explained issue and was hoping to get a replacement. But they did not have anymore in stock. Gentlemen offered me refund back to my bank or gift card. I chose giftcard as I was going to return home and order through website. After 4 phone calls to Currys and over 30 minutes wait on each call and getting cut off, I ordered through website for next day delivery which I paid £20 for. Tuesday 16th Feb: With no delivery confirmation email, only order confirmation email, I contacted Currys through webchat and Facebook. I was told that my order is awaiting for approval??? And that they will send an email to head office to give them a nudge to push this order through. I'm not getting the next day delivery I paid for, I will get a date once the order is approved. They said they will refund my delivery charge via gift card (I paid this with debit card). I asked about cancelling the order and getting a refund back to my bank and I'll get the TV elsewhere, they said they can only refund via giftcard. Not that I would want to shop there again. Can I get advice please, if this is correct? Any help appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  8. The value of the card was £25. I purchased it last Thursday 20th. I did a search online and it seems it's not just me having this issue.
  9. I purchased a nintendo e-shop voucher from Argos and then added to my nintendo account.
  10. Hi all, I once again need your advice on where I stand with this query below. Your input is very much valued. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
  11. Hi All, I need some advice on the following for a family member and I hope someone can help me. What is rules/regulations on the scenario below: Family member declared bankrupt Feb 09. Phone bill date Jul 09 now with debt collectors. Am I right in believing that because this bill date is after the bankruptcy, it does not get written off. Any advice and input would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Jason
  12. Great News!!! Thanks to everyone's help especially DonkeyB, I now have closure on the account. Lowell wrote: Your account is now closed. We have today reviewed your overdue account. We have discovered that section (5) of the limitation Act 1980 now applies to your account (this relates to the amount of time passing between now and the time you incurred the debt) and we will no longer be asking you for payment. We will not send you anymore letters and we have now closed your account with Lowell. Yours sincerely. Thanks again DonkeyB and everyone else.
  13. OK, I will do just that. Many Thanks for your help. I really do appreciate it. I will post outcome when they reply back. Many thanks again
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