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  1. My car was hit by a lorry which failed to stop. I've put this through my insurance and they have decided it's a write off - cost to repair £1,703.00. Insurance company said the car was worth £2,000, but they could only give me £1,400. They have agreed to sell it back to me as it was written off as a Cat D. Now they have offered me £1,000 back plus the return of my car. This is where I have the problem. £1,400.00 less £600.00 salavage fee and then my excess of £500.00 leaving me with £900.00, I managed to get it up to £1,000. Are they ripping me off. I've had the car from new and it is about 11 years old. Has full service history and has been well maintained. Does anyone know what a fair price would be. It's Suzuki Grand Vitara 2000 on a W plate. I have a hire car from them at the moment and I do need to make a decision as soon as possible.
  2. .............. explained at the start of this post
  3. andyorch, as mentioned, I asked the Judge whether any other creditors had been informed and he said they had, where is fact non of the other creditors had been contacted, therefore, the Judge's answer was incorrect !!! I am now going to complain to the Court on that basis !!! Keep you posted on what happens.
  4. Hi, went to Court last month where Interim Charging Order was made final. I asked the Judge whether any of my other creditors has been informed about the Charging Order and if they had any objections. He said they had been informed. I felt suspicious at the time and thought that he had probably not even read through my defence and decided to ask the Court if they could send me a copy of any correspondence to that effect. The Court sent me all documentation regarding the case, but there is nothing there to show that my other creditors had been informed. I know I could complain to the Court, but is there anything else I could do to possible have this Charging Order cancelled on this basis. ? Also Sols are now asking that I pay no less than £355 per month where the judge said I could pay what I could afford, although this is not mentioned on the Final order. I am already in a DMP with Payplan.
  5. I have a copy of the credit agreement. Someone will have to guide me through the steps on this, can anyone help. I am really miffed with the outcome. All he kept saying was "you agreed to the full amount" and that was it. The only thing he seemed concerned about was that they sent a Barrister instread of a local Sol.
  6. 40 days have expired, sent Letter before Action, this has also expired. What do I do now ?? Do you think they ignored my request because I would use this information in my defence. Now Court case over, should I carry on requesting this information. Even if I get it I doubt there is anything I could use it for now. Lost the case for Set Aside and Charging Order made final. I would love to take them to Court to make them comply with my request even if it cost me money !!
  7. Insolvency Helpline no good, but I did contact the National Debline who said that the interest is calculated and only applied when the Judgement debt has been cleared. I need to check out the National Debtline webside under Charging Orders. I'm not at all happy in the way the Judge has handled my case. I asked if any of the other creditors has raised any objection and he seemed very dubious and said no. I also applied for a set aside which he dismissed because I had already admitted the the whole of the amount. I thought you could put in a defence saying that "you now only agree to some of the debt".
  8. Ford, thanks, I'll give the insolvency helpline a call tomorrow. Just suprised that the Judge didn't pick that up when mentioned in Court. It's NatWest that will be charging the interest and the Judge said to me it would be cheaper for me to remortagage than pay the 8%. At the rate I will never pay off any of the debt and it will increase month by month ....... lucky old NatWest - robbers. The law should do something about these banks !!!!
  9. I had a CCJ for and amount I owed NatWest and these days they just try for a Charging Order on the property to secure their money if you can't pay the full amount or an amount they are happy to accept. A Set Aside is not possible because I owned up the the full amount of the debt. I didn't realise that I would be paying so much in interest with the Charging Order as they will still be receiving a nominal amount from me. I was wondering if I can appeal against the interest as I understand that this can be done, but should have been done whilst I was a Court. Can I now appeal after the Order has been made final ?
  10. Lost my case today, now have CCJ and charge against my property. Can someone get rid of this thread cos I don't know how to do it...... or tell me now to get rid thanks. Really peeed off !!!!
  11. I have just been to Court today regarding an Interim Charging order. The Judge decided to make the charge final. I didn't realise there would be a monthly interest on this charge 8% to be exact. Is there anything I can do about this interest charge ?
  12. I've now sent Letter Before Action, but have still not had a response from NatWest, also by recorded delivery. Court case is on Monday, therefore, I am unable to prepare my case without documentation from NatWest. What do I tell the Judge. Help !!!!!!
  13. Thanks Supasnooper. Blondie40, NatWest would not accept the payments offered. I received a forthwith judgement which I obviously could not pay, so I asked for a re-determination. I then applied for the set aside as I decided to defend. I also have an Interim Charging Order to be heard at the same time. All other creditors have accepted the offered payments.
  14. I have applied to have judgement set-aside with court date on 9th August. I requested a subject access request from natwest for help build my defence, but have not heard anything back, their 40 days was up yesterday. Should I send them a letter or leave it until I go to court and then say to the judge that NatWest has not provided the information. Also I have now received a bad copy of the Agreement - what should I look out for on the Agreement and do the Sols for the other side need to provide the original at Court ?
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