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  1. "always the OC" what does this mean dx ?
  2. I am aware that SB has nothing to do with the credit file.My question is if it isnt on my file then surely it must be older than 6 years old
  3. Yeah but how do I go about getting hold of this info.If it isnt on credit file now surely it would be statute barred, thus unenforcable
  4. checked credit file and no sign of this debt
  5. My original question was how do we find out when the last payment was on the account.We believe it to be well over 7 years ago
  6. Dx, the debt is a cap 1 credit card for £2000 that we think is about 10 years old
  7. Hi guys, I have checked our credit file and the debt that Mortimer Clarke Solicitors are chasing my wife for is no longer on her credit file. How can I find out if this is statute barred. We remember the debt but we are sure its at least 10 years old. We do know it has been passed around different dca over the years. Now had this letter from solicitors for Cabot.
  8. February 6th it was put thru the door
  9. Cannot remember what the 1st SD amount was for to be honest
  10. Yeah requested the aggrement and they sent a reconstituted one which the judge said was acceptable.Not sure if the costs have been added to this.They were awarded nearly £900 costs....!!!
  11. I have made it bigger Andy on the post above
  12. I take it this is legit and not just a scare tactic
  13. Don't know if this makes any difference but just checked Noodle and this particular account that defaulted in Oct 2007 isn't even on my wife's file.Why would that be? age of the debt to old perhaps??I had a feeling Lowell were getting the sd in last time just before it became statute barred and now they are trying again...any advice please
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