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  1. Hi Thank you for replying I can confirm I have received a refund however I had to go above my local dealer to customer care and made a complaint I had a phone call the next day saying a cheque is in the post and had it arrive yesterday with a letter apologising Luckily I got my refund and it was Evans halshaws I would always suggest going to head office customer services as the local dealers just arnt interested But to be fair they did put it right quickly
  2. Hi everyone was just looking for some advice I bought a new car a few weeks ago and took out extended warranty to start in 2018 I changed my mind and informed the dealer that I wished to cancel it 13 days after I paid for it they have now told me that it is non cancelable and I can't get a refund I am worried as it is a lot of money I spoke to consumer direct and they told me I have a 45 day cooling off period as I brought the extended warranty with the vehicle does anyone know if this is the case This is all very worrying it's nearly 600 pound I've chucked down the drain I'm not sure if this is the correct sub forum Thanks Richard
  3. hi thank you for your help i will keep you posted if anything turns up many thanks again
  4. Hi just an update I sent the cca request about a month ago and have heard nothing since nothing at all does anyone know what this may mean I thought they may have trouble getting the agreement seeing as it's like 12 years old
  5. thats great thanks i will send it off asap and let you know how i get on thanks for your help
  6. yes they were all with first direct
  7. hi yes thanks for your reply.. the debt would be from 1998/1999 and its westcott who are now chasing me for this money but i did find moorcroft very rude and if i remmenber correctly it was made up from about £1200 on a credit card /900 overdraft and the rest was a unsecured loan i had with them although it was a long time ago so my memory is fading. it all seems silly now but when your young i suppose many thanks
  8. hi i was wondering if i could ask some advise i currently owe about £3000 to first direct to which westcot credit services are chasing me for just to give you a bit of background this debt is around 12 years old and was a malgamation of a credit card/overdraft/loan which first direct forced me to do back when i was 19 and i got myself into finacial mess originally it was 5300 but i have paid some off throughout the years so it currently stand at 3000 that i owe anyway before it was being held with westcott moorcraft had it and i was paying them £50 per month although when i was 1 week late on a payment and i called them they told me the installments had been cancelled and i now had to pay £250 per wk!! i refused as i just cant afford that they then barttered down to about £90 per month which i was not really able to afford anyway i then recieved a letter a week later telling me i needed to pay the original £50 in the next week or else my installments may be cancelled which i then realised the woman on the phone had tricked me into paying more so here i am at westcot not feeling confident to call as they will try and bully me for ridiculous amount. iwas wondering is there any use in me doing a cca request on this as i havent a clue exactly what interest was on it or how it was made up it is a very old debt ive just kept paying on and off over the years many thanks richard ps i also have visions of them going to court and sending the baliffs etc
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