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  1. Okay, point taken - good old Brasso must have cost us at least the value of it in all these years!! I really appreciate all the trouble you have all gone to....It's now down to me to see if I can get an antiques expert to check it over so I'll come back once that is done. many many thanks everyone.
  2. I certainly had missed the update and thanks yet again, and don't worry mickey, everyone knows I'm bad! I think this has definitely nailed exactly what it is, they are far too similar not to be a censer (apologies for the spelling) I have yet to establish material, but going by what you have linked above this could well be bronze. There are no marks at all inside the pot other than the black finish and there are no signs of any handles being attached or previously moulded on to it from its original cast so it is was it looks above. Just the period now - where the hell did this come from I wonder and end up on my mothers fireplace? Some of these things are very, very old. Bit like myself now! A1
  3. So the next two must translate to the date maybe as they'd hardly say that then leave the date off would they? There are some very similar looking pots on the auction sites too, One was on Dickinsons Auctioneers website and was purported to be a Brass cast bowl (Possibly Ming) - Not valued much, but when I first mentioned Ming I was having a laugh! We are getting there. Thanks
  4. Thanks Caro, (you need to clear your PM box too young lady, impossible to talk to you in secret! ) Could also be another language which someone else has suggested, so I won't give up totally on that one yet, but thanks for asking the question for me. Catch up later..cuppa time... A1
  5. As Simon Cowell might say, "Wow, Wow, Wow". - That's it! This bowl of mine is a Censor bowl without doubt. Thank you so much Mikeymack. There are some wonderful looking bowls there in that link as citizenB says, but I noticed one thing, 99% of those with legs had 3 legs, just like mine. I'd never even heard of a censor bowl before, but look at the shapes, take away the fancy trimmings and the shape of mine most definitely looks the same. I never had a lid, or can ever remember one and I certainly don't have it now even if there were. I've just popped a question over to what looks like an expert on these things and I'll see what they come back with (although we're not doing badly here are we?)...I wonder what kind of history this pot actually has? - Wow! Antique investigators extrordinaire - thanks folks! I'll be back.. A1
  6. Thanks Mr.P, but my mother would not have sat looking at 'unshined' brass sadly and she had loads of it, God bless her, I wished she'd taken it to her resting place beyond, but we were left with it to deal with. I must say though, since raising the questions over the black inside, the possibility of it being bronze and so forth, this did take me back to my radiographer days in the foundry, a place I have long forgotten in my mind, where I saw, handled and X-Rayed many large and small bronze castings for such things as submarines and aircraft. All kinds of castings from raw casts to finished machine-polished items like hatches and massive castings which made up the walls of the submarine the size of front doors which all those instruments sit in inside the sub. I saw them in various states of finish and looking into the pot again takes me to think it could well be bronze although the bronze I worked with had a more mottled colouring to it than the pure brass colour of this pot. It just could be bronze if as is suggested, the polishing has changed the finish. So, not just the motto on the back, we are now seeking the material....deeper and deeper we go, I'll have to follow all this up now.... It's like Fake or Fortune this...over to you Fiona!
  7. Wow, never knew that extension to ebay existed, that's a first - thanks....I'll keep an eye on it now. Thank you JoeyJoe
  8. Thanks JoeyJoe, no I don't mind one bit...thanks for taking the time and trouble. One problem I have of course is with a square sign within a circlular bowl with 4 characters on it, which is Right and which is Left 'Supposed'? who's words are they, the writer or the book..? I can assure you it is yellow brass, must be given the colouring, but then the picture may have confused. Surely someone making this wouldn't put 'this is a Ming Vase,but not really'? on his/her signature? ' Made in Hong Kong - in the style of Ming' perhaps? We'll get to the bottom of this I'm sure. Thank you. A1
  9. I used to be an Industrial Radiographer working in a foundry and to answer your question Joey, it looks like the rough side of a casting to be honest. It's not painted, it's roughish like one might have found with an unfinished piece of metal having been cast in a sand mould - that might answer my own question! I've never really looked at it like that before, but the black looks a natural part of the metal, just unpolished. Good observation, thank you for asking, made me think a little deeper...
  10. Could well be Mr P. Thanks Polishes up like brass for sure. Here are a few more pictures, but would have been nice to try and date it if I could. As I say, I've been polishing this since I was about 5 back in the early 50's and my mother was a bit of a brass collector - spent many a weekend in my youth polishing her collection of such items.
  11. Thanks everyone, the strange thing about this is that I was always of the impression that this might have been some base of a munition casing. Why?, I'm not sure, just that it is very heavy and brass which was used in shell casings (I think). It has those 3 feet underneath which might imply it's not a casing at all, but I'll try and photo the rest of it to show the top side, but my phone camera takes about 3 photo's before needing the battery recharged as it's failing badly and needs a new battery. I'll see what I can do and post it up. Getting intriguing. Thanks A1
  12. There ya go! I knew it was a code of some kind deeply seated and embraced in history...Not Ming or some rich treasure of the East, but M & S of Hong Kong! Be nice know exactly which Pound shop it was though! Thanks CitizenB
  13. Thanks determindator and UncleB, I'll take a look at the Chinese site too. Droitwich is a bit far from me though. A1
  14. Anyone speak Chinese who could tell me what this says under this brass bowl? [ATTACH=CONFIG]58907[/ATTACH] Many thanks if you can - sorry if it's upside down but I have no idea which way it goes! I'm the wrong side of 60 now and been polishing it since I was at least 5 years of age and never knew what it meant. Probably 'Made in Hong Kong', but....surely not? A1
  15. No, just oppressive bankers who knew little or nothing about business apart from their own profits in reality which resulted in a liquidator being appointed which got nobody anywhere except killing-off 10 years of damned hard work,which led to more oppressive unsupportive bankers who cared nothing about the realities of life in general. I too can look back and see where things went badly wrong and how things could have been so different had these so called 'professionals' we trusted been honest and transparent. Since then I have dug and dug for information, some of it coming quite unexpectedly when I asked uninvolved individuals further down the pecking order for simple answers and been supplied the answers in bucket loads in the form of written documents by the culprits themselves I had been asking years back... denied me by those clever feckers who thought they could hide it from me. I now have the bulk of what I need and as the old saying goes " All things come to he who waits" ..Payback time has come...as will yours if you never stop asking until you have the answers you need and the documents and laws/case laws/regulations etc...to support it. That's the thing with these bankers and liquidator/receivers, they just move on to the next sucker and watch their money come in...they should look over their shoulders now and again to see the likes of you and me coming..they might learn a thing or two. I've dealt with those types of individuals, both professionally and on the receiving end, who you are now having to deal with having been in the Credit Industry myself for 30 yrs and running businesses which some survived, others didn't so I know where you're coming from. I can't help you personally as I'm up to my neck in other things, but you stick with it, that's all I can say, because persistence pays, just don't play their litigation games, that cost me a fortune, always look outside the box. That's something they rarely do.... A1
  16. I can't help on the technicalities behind this keates, but if I may say, in a) above, this is typical British banking at it's best, you obviously have entrepreneurial skills if you've got so far as to having eight properties and renting them out only to be knocked down and had it all taken from you by greedy bankers and receivers. I came across this attitude myself so many times when in business over 30 yrs, deal killers, the lot of them. I sympathise and empathise with you and it's damned hard getting back to where you left off so sue the feckers for all you can once your situation allows and make them account for themselves till the end. and in b) Well, I'd suggest you might have a case against the Land Registry if they've admitted an 'error'. Error my foot, these are people who should know better given the resources they have and expertise. I've given up believing some of these banks and professionals make 'errors' - funny how these errors always seem to cost us rather than them and thereafter they try and pass the buck on to someone else. As you say, you lost your livelihood and everything you worked for, you can either walk away and let them get away with it drawing a line in the sand to get on with your life (which is what my wife encourages me to do continuously), or you can make them account for themselves and pay for their 'errors' that put you where you are now, (which is exactly what I am doing!). No assumptions, no guesswork, no what I would like things to be when they're not, just pure and hard FACTS and the Truth - stick to the FACTS, tell the TRUTH, provide the documentary evidence and hammer the feckers! Research, then hammer, I tell you, it works wonders. I wish you luck in delivering them and getting back on your feet. A1
  17. You star...thanks, so simple when you know how. Many thanks UncleB A1
  18. Hi you techi's I wonder if you could throw some light on a problem I have with Word when saving the document? Microsoft Office Word 2007 OP XP Pro Once I have opened a new document (or old one come to that) and wish to save it, there are 2 ways I know of for doing so. 1) Use the 'disc' icon next to the Microsoft office icon top left hand corner which sits in the uppermost quick action toolbar along with a printer icon, ABC, and arrow for going back a stage. 2) Use the Microsoft icon and come down to 'Save As' then place the document in appropriate file I want. Now 2) works perfectly, but 1) doesn't and sends the document into a wrl or some such file with a ~$ before the document name. and it says it can't save the document, then I lose the document altogether or cannot open it if I do find it. It's not a big problem, but it's annoying as I know that's not supposed to happen and probably I have a corrupted 'something' gizmo inside the machine. Any ideas what it is and how I can remedy it? Thanks, no rush. A1 p.s. I still have those 3 blown capacitors inside the pc waiting to be fixed, whether that has any remotely associated causation connection to this problem only you guys can say, just thought I'd mention that.
  19. So I have XP pro on an old stand alone PC with AVG Paid for Internet security and AVG Tune-Up running. I am one of those 'non techi' users conniff refers to and I am sitting here feeling guilty of most of what he/she describes above, what additional things should I do to make my, and other friends I communicate with, PC's secure and safe? I thought I was covered. Thanks - I would like to feel I wasn't causing the internet community problems. A1
  20. Just tried dell and they gave me short shrift. I think the replacement board might be the answer as I am no electrician for that kind of soldering. The Mobo's as you call them are quite cheap. Even a 2nd hand box is fairly cheap. Can anyone tell me though what I might expect to happen here on in as I use this machine daily and I have no idea what these capacitors do or is likely to happen either to them or to the machine. Is it dangerous?, can they catch fire or what? What might be my next experience other than the whole thing going 'phut'? The machine is still working okay so I don't see any changes - yet!! many thanks to all of you thus far A1
  21. I think the date of this is 2007 so Dell are going to be stretched to feel obliged to do this I think. Plus I have a feeling this was an old NHS sell off machine, I didn't buy it myself - would that matter? I'll give them a go anyway as I have the service tag details. Many thanks, but by your answer I am presuming these are the capacitors..cheers. Andrew1
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