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  1. Testing for reply. No one is answering my question.
  2. I checked my bank on Friday to find £27747.97 from the halifax, Thats £2481.00 for the charges and £266.97 interest. I have not recieved the £120 it cost me in court fees. Does anyone know if i should have been paid this with the other money, or do i have to wait until the courts close the claim. I have recieved a letter from the bank to say that there paying the money as it would cost them to much in court and they would pay all the money back. Hope someone can help me, Thanks.
  3. Good luck mate, just look how many people have had settlements today. That makes me smile.
  4. Made up for you mate, Just sent my forms to the court so hopefully ill be in the same boat as you.
  5. I have not heard anythink from the Halifax within the time period I gave them, so i just press the Submit but on Money claim online. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
  6. Ive just found some text about what i should do. Ill send a letter asking for a full refund tomorrow, and inform them that if they do not refund the outstanding amount, legislative action will follow within 7 days.
  7. Hi people, I recieved a letter yesterday (12/07/06) offering me £297 to settle, im claiming for £2492, what a joke. Today is the deadline that i gave the bank to reply to my prelim letter. As they replied yesterday to my letter im not sure what step to take next. Do i need to send them another letter acepting the offer and that i will be carring on for the rest, or just file the claim on online to moneyclaim. Im sorry for seeming lazy & not looking through the site for answers, but my work are strict on us the web for pleasure.
  8. Thought so, thanks for the reply. shall be sending my before action letter on the 14th June.
  9. Hi, I recieved a letter from my bank today in response to my premlin letter say they will get back to me no later than 40 days. Do i need to send them another letter to disagree with that time, or just move on to the next stage at the end of my 14 day time i give them. I dont want to make any mistakes.
  10. Ive got back my statements from the bank yesterday. My Current account is £2,169.00 since Dec 2000, and my Cashcard account is £323.00 since Nov 2004. Thats a total of £2492. Im sending my letter demanding my money back later today.
  11. Sent my letter asking for charges over the last 6 year yesterday with a cheque for £10. This first letter was for Data Protection Act and bank statements over last 6 years and not the refund letter. Ill be awaiting 14 days to see what happens, Bring it on. Mark
  12. Thanks for your advise, you have been a great help.
  13. That link to the website payplan.com is great. Didnt think there would be companies that do it free of charge.
  14. My other debts are a barclaycard near £850 limit (lots of charges), GE Capital store card £600 (again lots of charges), £1000 overdraft with Halifax. When the Halifax rescheduled my loans they knocked off the payment protection, and thats how they made it cheaper, but there still spankin me with interest. Im with a company called Harrington Brooks, trading as All Clear Finance as well. there fee based. I have plans to dpa every account i have but im still trying to go through this website to make sure i dont mess it up.
  15. I joined the site a few days ago and am currently searching through it before i try and recall a lot of money which the Halifax with probably a smile took from me. On another issue with the Halifax which im not sure if this site has been created to help assist people with. I took 2 loan's out a few years ago at the age of 20 to pay off car finance with black hourse and consolidate of few debts, the first for £7000. A few months later i asked for another loan of £1000 for which the Halifax offered me £10000, being a foulish young lad i took the money thinking it would be easy to repay. My
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