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  1. I placed an order for a relative with a meat company on the 29th for £55. This showed as pending in my internet banking immediately but the next day it disappeared from the pending payments and my account was showing it as credit. I waited a few days and the payment still wasn't taken. Today I received confirmation that my order was being delivered but I noticed they still hadn't taken payment so I contacted them via email as they don't have phone support and was told they had taken payment yesterday. I have rung the bank who say the pending payment wasn't authorised and timed out so the
  2. Do it anonymously or say you found them like previous posters. No point getting in trouble for it now if you are genuinely sorry. As a teenager I received a caution for shop lifting that still shows up on enhanced disclosures for my voluntary work. It wasn't until I was older that I understood the implications of what I did. It's not worth risking a criminal record over.
  3. I expect a lot of shop lifters think that stealing from shops doesn't really matter as these stores can afford it. At the shop I work in if all stock isn't accounted for then we lose our personal bonuses. This can be up to £100 a month for me. Very regularly stock goes missing and I lose money from my pocket which could go to my sons upbringing. Send the goods back and look at the bigger picture. You aren't just stealing from a large corporation but probably from families with children.
  4. Yes a caution would still show on your record. I had one for shoplifting 12 years ago and that still shows up on enhanced disclosures.
  5. I have a close friend in America who is currently trying to find medical help for his daughter who is sick. He can't afford insurance as his company stopped paying for it. He supports his wife and her family and is depressed as he is having to work every hour god sends to earn money for her medical treatment. He isn't very clued up on other countries and was shocked that we get free healthcare and the small amount we pay for prescriptions. It's made me realise that no matter how flawed the system here may be we are a damn site better off than some people so I for one won't be moaning.
  6. Cinammon


    I only ever use PayPal or pay in cash on collection.
  7. Thank you for the advice everyone. Today has been a nightmare. My uncle and cousin demanded the keys from us for the house which i understand they are entitled to do. They told my sisters they couldn't return to their home and the locks would be changed. They also told us to go and collect the cat or the RSPCA would be called. My mum recently talked about changing her will and making me executor as I am now 27 and she had also said this to my uncle but they are refusing this. My mum hadn't spoken to my cousin in a long time due to some past issues so I am finding it very difficult being
  8. I'm sorry if this is the wrong section to put this but wasn't sure at all. My Mum died a few days ago unexpectedly and we have just found a copy of her will. I and my three siblings aren't named executors as it was written 10 years ago when we were all under 18. It is my cousin and uncle who have been named. They live local to me but the will was written 250 miles away where my mum lived until recently and is held at the solicitors there. My cousin is saying they will need to take a trip to the solicitors where the will is being held and charge the trip to the estate. I have been
  9. Well he said that he had told her the position was hers and I just said right ok and then he gave me the new hours but said I could choose the days. He did say if I chose to work Saturday and Sunday i could do admin on those days as she wasn't in then. So I suppose it's a job share.
  10. Thanks for your replies! Will it make a difference that I agreed to it? It was only afterwards when I told my partner and he wasn't convinced they were allowed to change my job role like that I thought it wasn't right. I thought that because my contract said the same as the shop floor workers that they were allowed to do it.
  11. I have worked in a small supermarket for four years now. I have on maternity since April and am due to return on the 15th Jan. i have worked in the office for the last two years, doing admin work and haven't worked on the shop floor. They are considered the same level and my contract is the same as everyone else's which just say general assistant. I had heard rumours that I wouldn't be returning to my admin role so I went to see my manager and he confirmed this. He said the lady covering me had moaned at how she wanted to keep the admin position n so he had decided she could keep it bu
  12. Call your bank. The exact thing happened to me with another company and my bank LLoydsTSB sent me a form to sign and then paid my money back to me shortly after.
  13. Definitely show her this thread as it's really informative and will show how worried you have been. She will also understand more about the whole situation if you do.
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