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  1. Yes it should be applicable to all staff otherwise it would be discrimination.
  2. :shock:No replies........................
  3. I purchased two different items of furniture from a well know store and I paid with their own credit card I reported the faults to the store but they policy is to send out their care and repair person. When the person called he was consending to say the least. He could not see anything wrong despite marks on the furniture and not matching also their is cracks where the grain has rised and cracked. He would not even look at them. He spent most of this time reading the store magazine while making a report saying nothing was wrong with my units. Apparently the store pays this guy to look
  4. M&S will charge you £100 if an order that has been placed with them and the order is cancelled. The furniture that M&S sends to customers is not the same or in good condition that they display in store floor. M&S T&C tha tehy give you after you have paid says that an outside organisation will deal with any dispute and the customer will need to go through their outside organisation and not with M&S that has taken your money. M&S will not go against the outside organisation instructions regardless how rubbish they say in their report. M&S has your
  5. Many thanks for that reply. Need more advice please this time on how to present/word an SAR request letter to employer an to make sure that all information that they hold on an employee is sent out to the employee as a result of SAR.
  6. Now there is a surprise....I THINK NOT. You say you want stop the awful things that they are doing, are these things illegal or would it have harmful effect on the environment or staff health? What are the awful things that they are doing it to do with what they are manufacturing. If it is the latter then you should prehaps contact H&S safety about this? Also have a look at your contract and staff handbook that is if the company has one to see what it says about health & safety and conditions of employment.
  7. Check your contract of employment and staff handbook to see if it says anyting about relocation.
  8. Many emails and phone calls, left messages on answer phone machine but nothing from the union not even acknowledgment from them regarding work problems. No response from the union, I was looking at their website and found this regarding employment, This is what their website says: "To be eligible for employment law services, your contributions (subscriptions) must be maintained at the full rate" As it is part-time work and paying union part-time subscriptions not full time workers subscriptions, would this be a reason for the union not to response to several request for clarification
  9. Now, why does that not surprise me!! Let me know if a different rep is any different please.
  10. I cannot removed my post, I will not post anymore on this forum again as there seems to have very strict moderators here unlike other forums. Sorry Priority One if I upset your thread in anyway..
  11. Hi have just read your thread with interest but cannot give any advice and hope you do not mind me posting on it for some advice concerning an accident to a good friend of mine. Early this month my friend has an accident at work and after the accident continued working in great pain. The accident was report to a first aider and she took details of it down and said that it would be entered into the accident book later. My frined has been off work now for 2 weeks and one day and is still not able to go back as yet. A phone call was made to a first adier at the workplace whe
  12. Yes, but whether you get all the information from them is another thing, I remember reading somewhere that a large firm have employee’s personal files everywhere in an organisation. Say for example an employee returned towor and has to fill in TRW. The employees personal file will be taken out of HR section to another office on another floor that file may remain there for god knows how long and perhaps end up being lost. Or a sloppy manager may see things in a file that may have their name on some thing that show him/her up in a bad light and would prefer that information does not stay i
  13. I have seen notices up in a company's notice board that a dim view would be taken by them if an employee was to say something not good about the organisation on website, be careful,
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