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  1. Hi all Thanks for getting back ,yes i received a letter on friday from them,will be getting a reply off to them this weekend ,can't understand how they found out where i work ,i have started logging the calls if they continue ring me and my work I'll complaint
  2. Good afternoon all this sad person from capquest rang me on my mobile on monday ,i told him to put it in writing as i will not talking to him on the phone ,went i arrived in work this morning my superviser told me someone from the above company rang looking me ,and would i ring them back,if he ring me on my own mobile i am not going to let think hes got to me ,after all he hasn't ,if he should says to my employer whats it about ,what should i do
  3. I drive a bin lorry and feel that anyone who parks on a drop kerb should be booked
  4. Hi All Just to keep all up to date ,received letter today 20th from Moorcroft informing of intended litigation ,it gives me till the 22nd, to reach agreement ,the letter is dated 15th. was just going to send them copy of above letter.
  5. hi lollipop2 I new here too ,waiting for someone to advise me , i think your better of cca them first,
  6. Most of these companys are just like the bankers ,just out to make money for themself ,
  7. hi bazooka Boo Thanks for looking , I can only remember get a letter termintated the account
  8. hi postggj Thanks for looking ,yes they have terminated the agreement ,the debt has been sold to Varde ,I can.t remember getting a letter to that affacted , I moved house,and have misleaded some letters ,I have SAR MBNA about ten days ago , Ive wrote to Experto who are act on behave of Varde and told them that Iam awaiting a reply ,to see if this keeps them of my back .
  9. hi all After reading some threads about default notices , in my default notice which Ive posted ,it asked for the full outstanding balace ,my understanding from the threads is they can only asks for the arrears . perhaps someone could confirm this for me.
  10. Hi All Was wondering if someone could check this CCA Theres a couple of things I’ve noticed Below ,where the Rep wrote Halfords Belfast ,there is three question ,all three ask for initials and to tick yes ,I did not initials or tick ,I can only thing the rep put my initials and tick the boxes Payment Protection Cover , There is no tick in the yes box ,but on my credit card statements I was paying it ,and I can’t remember been asked about then or at anytime The box below my signature , says for representative use only, the representative name is in block capitals with his ID number and above his name he wrote bank card, there is no date On the back at the bottom is the terms and conditions http://s904.photobucket.com/albums/ac244/adrianenler/mbna/?action=view&current=mbna001.jpg http://s904.photobucket.com/albums/ac244/adrianenler/mbna/
  11. adrianenler

    Mbna cca

  12. Hi all Just to keep you all up to date,I ve sent a complaint to ico ,will keep you all up dated
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