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  1. The SAR request went out over two months back. I have chased it, but nothing to date.
  2. Hopefully this is attached. As for the quality of the copy of the Credit Agreement. That is as good as I can get it. BC CCA Response.pdf
  3. Bump, any thoughts re the points raised. If I'm flogging the proverbial dead horse, could someone just say. I can't pay but at least I will know what is coming...
  4. They've responded to one card today and referred to my chaser letter as opposed to the original. They have sent two letters, one saying please find enclosed T&C's, which is a colour copy, no signature and it looks very recent in terms of its presentation. I will post a copy tomorrow. The second letter has a copy of a "reconstituted Credit Agreement" (their words) and again no signature which looks older than the T&C's, in terms of presentation. Again I will post a copy tomorrow. But what does that mean they have responded to?
  5. Slick, Yes I used the site templates, I sent the fees by postal order and sent it registered. I have chased but merely stated that they had not responded and asked for them to confirm whether or not they intended to respond, I did not send them copies as I know that they received the originals, should I resend the chaser with copies? I also gave them the dates of my call and asked that they review their call log as the request is quite clear and they should be able to glean that within 10 seconds of the dialogue. Thanks...
  6. Thanks all. I'm still none the wiser however on the CCA and SAR. The SAR letter was sent early Sept and the CCA at the start of Oct. In the absense of a response to either, what do I do? As for the AOL payment, I did not confirm cancelling the card in writing, it was just over the phone. But two things, one the card was not used at all from that point on and would they not have a record of the call?
  7. So this goes to BC and is in respect of only the failure to comply with the CCA request. Do I not mention the SAR. I got my SAR from MBNA and have to say that was a lot more valuable than the CCA request, which only served to confuse me. So, letter on CCA only? Yes? Another thing, in spite of asking them to stop the card they have continued for 18 months to allow AOL to add £23 per month to the bill, I cancelled the AOL account, but they kept asking for the continuous payment. BC have said "tough" its not our problem under the guise of a letter headed "Final Response"... I've ki
  8. I have issued both for a mastercard and a visa, they are way past the time line for responding yet today I got two letters from Mercers, one on each card threatening all manner. What do I do? Can I challenge on the fact the requests have not been complied with or do I need to start all over again with Mercers???
  9. Within the log from the customer information system there are three things I'd like some thoughts on: 1. My interest rates were hiked up twice, its now at 34.9%. Both increases followed letters, one to ask them to freeze interest and the other following the SAR request? Given that they are dealing with someone at the high end of default risk, is this normal practice? 2. What does "E112 A+ **UNABLE TO SEND FREEFORM DUE TO MGMT RESTRICTION - CONTACT LETTER SENT**" mean? 3. Finally, what does "PGA ACCOUNT RISK SCORE: (then it has LOW and further back MEDIUM). Thanks...
  10. They've just sent the SAR documents. Why would they have blacked out a line from the Customer Information Log relevant to my account? This is where they have listed all the called that have been made. They've blacked out one line? Anyone had this before?
  11. I have had the card since at least 2004, I checked this last night.
  12. That's why I'm confused. But they have got me thinking that I'm wrong? Why would they send that to me, with one of my old addresses. But I do know that I definitely had the card prior to 2007, of that I'm absolutely certain. Anyway, have they satisfied the CCA request? Do I just continue to try and negotiate my way through this?
  13. First of all sorry admin, you are right and I was concerned that the mix of questions and statements might make people who had read it before think that it was just the same stuff. Your heading and the merge works great, thank you. Silverfox, I'm not sure where the 2007 bit comes in as I certainly had the card before then. I also know that the address that they were showing on that form is not where I was living when I took the card out.
  14. Hopefully this has worked... CCA Response.pdf
  15. I'm at work, can I attach a pdf file on here?
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