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  1. Hi TheMeq, although the other thread is an old thread people do go to it from time to time to check on other peoples progress. A simple answer to your question is that since you switched over to Computeach it is highly unlikely that you will see any of your money again. And for your information Advent was never taken over by Computeach. Advent went into administration and was closed as a company, I do not know what you were told, but had they been taken over by Computeach then many of us fighting BPF and Computeach would not have had a leg to stand on. Computeach bought (allegedly) Advents database from BPF which is completely different from taking over a company. If you had read the small print on the original Advent form you will see some of the terms in relation to them going out of business. I hope that this answers some of your questions.
  2. Hi all I'm about to send a SAR request to BPF, can anyone kindly tell me what I need to do??
  3. Hi Oldgel_48, no I have not sent a SAR yet, was planning on doing that once I had written to Mr Jenkins and Denholm. As my previous post said I have a few questions for Denholm relating to his alleged investigation. Also planned to include to both of them a copy of the section 75 CCA relating to linked loans. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2010/1010/regulation/25/made I think that they both need to read it properly and see what it says about the debtor: (4) For the purposes of subsection (2)(d) a debtor is to be deemed to have obtained satisfaction where he has accepted a replacement product or service or other compensation from the supplier in settlement of his claim. I want to see what they say about that part of the legislation, as it does not say anywhere within it that the Debtor has to accept that which is offered.
  4. Hi Oldgel_48, Looks like we are all being given this Denholm fellow who is either clueless or has a high level of arrogance, I think the latter in our case. I will send another letter to Mr Jenkins and one to his lackey with different questions being asked. Mr Denholm question will start along the lines of if he cant even get the date when our account was supposedly sold correct? I do not believe that an investigation took place and that he has just sent out a letter to act as if he has done one.
  5. Hi all, I finally got a letter back from BPF in response to the 2 letters that I sent to their new chief Executive. The letter is from Ronnie Denholm - managing director for BPF and in effect the new guy is exactly the same as his predecessor. He states in his letter that BPF absorbed the cost of finding a new provider, as well as giving us all a further 3 months for the time that we had no provider so that our studies were not impacted (he forgets that time was of the essence for many of us). He also stated that Computeach offered the same syllabus, the same student support and the same qualifications that Advent offered. The best bit in his letter was his assertion that many other Advent student have successfully continued with their studies at Computeach. His last bit of advice was that I should contact Marlin to arrange payments to them as they were sold my account in February 2013. My next step is going to be that of writing a letter to Mr Denholm asking him if he/ BPF were that convinced that they were doing the right thing? why did they not take us to court instead of using multiple DCA's????. I will also ask him how Computeach provided a like for like service when they have had to make numerous changes to their courses when us ex Advent students pointed the discrepancies out.
  6. I guess they might be re-thinking their tactics. We shall continue to fight and show the world what BPF think of their customers. We as far as they are concerned are just a commodity. They also underestimated the backlash that they would get from their unscrupulous tactics.
  7. Hi all hope this works I am attempting to upload some files for people to read, they are quite informative and should help everyone better understand contracts and contract breaches.
  8. Hi I would base my defence on the length of time that it took BPF to come up with an alternate provider. That shows that it was un-reasonable to expect any one to wait that long to come up with an alternative as time was of the essence. I think if you go down the unlimited re-takes routes, it plays into BPF hands as they would say they gave you an extra 3 months to catch up with your studies. You can then go on to the choice of alternate provider being unsuitable in many ways .i.e. reputation, quality of material etc.
  9. Hi all, does anyone no if it is possible to upload word and PDF documents to this site?? im trying to pm someone a couple of documents and cant find a way of doing it. Ps it's relating to this case.
  10. Hi Skyblue Dave, there are one or two things that you might want to add to your defence. I don't know if you remember writing to BPF when Advent first went into administration? the initial letter was to find out what was going on, then we all got letters back from BPF stating that they were looking into a resolution to the matter. We then sent letter to BPF stating that if the matter had not been resolved within a 4 week period we would consider the contract to be breached and therefore rescinded. Essentially the time that BPF took to deal with the matter was un-reasonable (3months). Regardless of the fact that they offered an extra 3 months if we went to Computeach. You need to make a big play about time being of the essence, .i.e you had made plans that were un-movable in terms of your study time, and the extra 3 months would be of no use to you. I have seen a couple of cases that might help. If you want I can pm you the documents.
  11. Hi all I see the BPF/ Marlin hoodlums are still at it. It is a complete disgrace what they have been allowed to get away with. I am still reading about past cases in relation to repudiated contracts and contract breach remedies. I remember many of us sent letters shortly after Advent went out of business to BPF stating that if a remedy did not occur within 4 weeks of Advent breaching our contracts we would consider the contracts as coming to an end. BPF's replacement came 3 months later. See Charles Rikards V Oppenheim (1950), Also Vitol SA v Norelf Ltd (1996). There are many more examples out there. My second letter to the new BPF chief will be sent off tomorrow.
  12. Hi Oldgel, thanks for the info. Will be sending my second letter off to Barclays new CEO tomorrow, hopefully that will get him a bit more flustered. Have been reading through old case law to see if it is legally binding to accept a breach of contract remedy or if it can be rejected. Have come across a case that seems to say that you do not have to accept a contract breach remedy especially if there has been significant delay in the application of the said remedy. Will keep you all posted once I have read through the entire case fully.
  13. I think some people are now playing the waiting game. I for one am reading everything that I can find relating to Contract Breach and Section 75 of CCA in preparation for an inevitable court date.
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