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  1. A good enough amount of people live in a society which put another way can be seen as, playing a game to which you are just getting to grips with, against a bunch of people who have mastered that same game. Any wrong move you make along your journey of educating yourself will cost you. But as it is written in the instructions of how to play the game, it clearly states if you make a wrong move you will be charged for your mistake. It's like Kasparov setting up a bank and requiring everyone to be able to solve intermediate chess puzzle to draw out money, but if they get the puzzle wrong they will be charged. Soon enough the more mentally savvy folk would get to such a point that they can solve these intermediate level chess problems, but allot of people not being as sharp would struggle, and end up losing allot of money, but according to our modern day structures this makes it ok because it clearly states in the small print when you opened an account that this would be the case. Then all the intermediate chess players would come online hurling abuse at lesser players that it's there own fault.
  2. Firstly i would like to thank MARTIN3030 for the kind help he is offering. I'm currently not on the doll but i have been, and i think their are people out there in this world who would be willing to steal property from a store for example, who could not bring themselves to do something like take money from people on the doll. How low can you get. You'll always get some idiot defending the banks, i've heard it all. It's your own fault, it's in the small print, you should of known these charges this these charges that... What a load of garbage, any way of taking money from people for something they don't agree to is wrong. To which the **** will say. Well actually if you check the small print you did agree to it. Not only is this a sharp vicious tone wrapped up in politeness. But it's just plain wrong, most people don't want to read the small print, banks realise this and use it as a way to extort money. It's not like everyone is trying to do good, it's just a way of taking advantage of people less mentally savvy than themselves. To which they will reply it's a business not a charity. Bank robbers could argue with the same points that what they do is a business, they are not a charity, ect ect. All the arguments are from people with a half decent iq, which doesn't stretch far enough for them to be able to see the full picture. Or they do see the full picture and think it's ok, because they fit in with the persona of a person that is the banker taking money from people. It's this kind of mentality that will see us into a new world order. MARTIN, and everyone else i admire your patience. The fact is, the last thing someone on the Benefits needs is to be dealing with more crap that they can do with out, the benefits system is a joke to start with. Most people do jobs that bring no moral value to the world so they can get paid to pay for the none purpose lives made up of things that don't matter, then to add to their babyness they complain that their hard cough fraud earned money is going to people who in their skewed opinion can't be bothered to work. I believe in living for scientific advancement, education, being kind to each other, having real fun, doing good meaningful things for the future of everyone and not just ourselves. Yet because of the society i live in and the limited options that lie ahead for me, and having to try to get along with people i can't stand. I put serious thought into suicide sometimes.
  3. Got stung by the same thing, Before i detail my predicament can i just say. I got off the phone with the ombudsman, the convo was going fine until i gave an analogy to which i was it was implied that what i just said was a stupid thing to say. What i said was, "it's like me going out and buying a gun and demanding money from someone, but it's their own fault for not being able to defend themselves." Now it's something i would never do and i maybe should of realised that people can be sensitive to such words as gun, but it's besides the point. First time i have ever phoned someone for a loan, well known company telling me first thing on a morning that they need card details to verify my id and to put money in my account, upon reflection it was a dumb thing to do but apparently to some people that makes it ok. Using these peoples analogy i need to go out and buy a gun and start stealing things from people at gun point because apparently its ok to take advantage of people less able than myself. The reason this analogy (which appears at first glance to be wrong) is actually the same, is because on the 1 hand you have someone who has something that i don't which is the mental ability to take money from me against my will. on the other hand you have someone who has something that i don't which is a physical ability to take money from me against my will. It's exactly the same concept apart from 2 things, 1 uses a gun and is considered more violent than the other. But it's the same concept. It's like saying if you live in a world of Derren brown's and they can pull some stunt on you which to them is a silly mistake to fall for, then in accordance with the analogies of said people. Because it's such an apparently silly mistake to fall for, that makes it ok for 1 of these Derren's to steal your wallet. I know at this point people normally say sorry for the ramble ect. I think this is because these people are used to saying things that make sense to them only for others to try and say they are just going on, so as a way of trying to fit in they feel thay have to say sorry for the ramble. I will say sorry for the long post, though i believe what i post to be logical, and I'm open to anyone who would like to try and point out the flaws in my logic through fact. Anyway, i got stung by them, didn't give them permission to take any money, now not only have they taken £79 -odd but i am also overdrawn by around £29 through lloyds tsb who will do their damn best to ambiguously add charges on top of that, which they will demand i pay in 1 10th the time-frame that i am legally allowed to demand money back from no worries. To which people will defend .. yes but its not your banks fault... I don't care if it's not my banks fault, that shouldn't mean they have the legal right to use it as an oppertunity to add salt to my wounds... Failing any argument to that some other form of low life will take 15 minutes out of their day to examine my post so that they can inform me of any spelling and or grammer mistake(s) that i made. What happened to all the nice caring people in the world ?
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