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  1. Could someone please give me advice please...As it stands my partner knows nothing yet of whats happening, as this debt was from a previous relationship....what will happen if we go to court?. I am so worried please can someone help. Isambard
  2. first can I say thank you to everyone who contributes on this Forum, I have gained so much information from previous threads. But could I ask a question or two. The Northern Rock notified me of the shortfall just within the 6 years and sold the debt on, yes I'm OK with that, but I have not been taken to court by them, do not have a CCJ, credit rating good, got another mortgage. So has the debt sold to Fairmile Recoveries got any legal standing, I sent a SAR but only got limited info back, statement of payments made by myself and a copy of the deed of assignment. They made an offer for
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