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  1. Update: Apologies, it's a bit of a lengthy read. I’ve been back and forward with Virgin Media after requesting a SAR using their online request form. I didn’t wish to provide proof of my current address. The SAR is in relation to my Virgin Media account at my previous address. I don’t have any utility bills from my previous address so I sent alternative documents with my address in an attempt to prove my identity. These were not accepted. In addition, I’ve provided a copy of my driving licence with my old address details and am currently awaiting a response. Time is ticking so after taking advice to support a mortgage application in an attempt to improve my credit file I ended up phoning Virgin Media (recorded the call) . The outcome of which was that I paid but this has not been positive for my credit file. I spoke to an advisor and was asked if I wished to pay the £75.15. I explained as per original post, said I didn't owe the outstanding amount etc. I can enter details if it would be helpful. I was told that it is not in their hands now, that I don’t owe virgin media, it’s been written off now. Again, I was told that I don’t owe Virgin media anything. I explained that my credit file went from 0 missed payments to a default of £75 after raising a complaint and that I received no information as to what the outstanding amount was for. I stated that my post had been subject to re-direction with Royal Mail. I re-iterated my complaint and what I wanted to resolve it. I was advised that Virgin media don’t deal with that, so I asked if there was a department who does deal with that? I was then transferred to the collection team where I explained everything again. I was advised that the last bill was already generated on their system. On reflection, I don’t understand how it was the last bill if they’re saying they did not receive confirmation that I cancelled. I re-iterated through out the call that I was not aware of what the £75.15 outstanding charge was for, that it was different to my usual monthly bill and that my credit file was marked as up to date until I raised a complaint. Then a default appeared and I don’t know what it’s for? I was told that if I paid today that Virgin Media would remove the default. They would accept payment today and it would be removed from my credit file. I went back and forward re-iterating my issues. I was told it had already been through the process, it was final and so the money has to be settled. I was also advised that my account had gone through valid processes. I said that there were issues with processing requiring an explanation as I’d not been advised of any charges and re-iterated the issues; credit file, DCA’s requesting differing amounts, correspondence, complaint responses, lack of compliant responses;cancellation, lack of response to 2 deadlock request letters. The advisor then gave me her word that the default would be removed from my credit file if I was willing to pay today. She said I have her word. I asked for clarity that if I paid that she was stating that the default would be removed and not marked as satisfied. She assured me it would be removed. The advisor acknowledged there was still an open complaint. I asked if she was saying the best she could offer me today to resolve my complaint was that I pay and the default be removed with no other explanation to the issues raised. She said she guaranteed that if I Pay 75.15. you have my word it will be removed when we receive payment. They could not tell me what the bill was for nor provide a breakdown only that it had been generated. I said it didn’t resolve my complaint, but I would pay based on what I’d been advised regarding my credit file. I asked for the complaint be kept open as it was not yet resolved. I asked for an email address for customer service, complaints, or the person dealing with my complaint. I was told they don’t have a customer service e-mail address and that they are the complaints team as well. Again, I stated the compliant was not resolved. I asked how it could be resolved and I requested an e-mail address/contact number for customer service/complaints/phone number. She did offer for an advisor to call me back. It’s been two weeks since I paid. I remained on the phone while she said she was requesting the removal of the default. However, the default remains outstanding on my credit file. I didn't receive a receipt as advised. The money has been taken from my bank account. I have not received any correspondence either. I'm awaiting the SAR still.
  2. I totally agree BankFodder, this thread should be a lesson to everyone. I did not deal with Virgin Media very well and this is the end result. I know better and I broke all my own rules. I never usually send letters without receiving receipt of delivery. It was lockdown, my work load increased dramatically and I got lax. I took a lot for granted and as you say I walked into every possible trap. I do record my calls, with thanks to the knowledge I’ve gained from CAG previously. However, the only evidence I have of the letter is on my pc. I will update as I go and hopefully others can take from my experience. Thank you everyone. I shall complete a SAR.
  3. I was a Virgin media broadband customer for a lengthy period of time and all bills were paid on time. In February 2020, I moved house and had my mail re-directed. In March 2020 I attempted to call Virgin Media to cancel the contract however due to COVID restrictions I was repeatedly met with an automated message and was unsuccessful in reaching a representative due to the pandemic. After failed attempts I wrote to Virgin Media in April 2020 (not sent recorded delivery so I have no proof this was received) to cancel the contract and expected the last payment to be taken in May 2020 as per notice required. The direct debit payment continued to be taken from my account up until July 2020. Consequently I cancelled the direct debit. I expected that this was an error and expected that this would be refunded. I was later contacted by DCA's requesting payments of various amounts. I received no further communication from Virgin Media until January 2021 advising that my payments would be increased. Then I received a letter stating that I owed £128. Therefore, I raised a complaint via letter (sent recorded delivery) to Virgin Media in March, April and August 2021. This was acknowledged stating my complaint had been received. I then received a letter stating feedback had been given. I had not received any feedback. The same letter stated they had been unsuccessful in contacting me. I had not received any correspondence nor phone calls nor voicemails. Further complaints were raised and correspondence received from Virgin Media stated the same thing. The last letter I received stated that they had looked into it and found the outstanding amount of £75.15 had been passed to a DCA. Interestingly, I have not received any correspondence from any DCA. I requested deadlock letters twice but this was ignored. Following this Virgin Media then recorded a default on my credit file for £75.15. What is the £75.15 for? I have not received any communication from Virgin at all regarding the £75.15 charge/outstanding amount. Prior to this there was no missed payments on my credit file and certainly no default registered. The default was added to my credit file after I sent my last letter and their correspondence received stating £75.15 had been passed to a DCA. Perhaps had I not wrote to them the default would not have been registered. I don't see that I owe this money, it was not my monthly subscription charge. Virgin Media owe me a refund as my direct debit continued to be taken. However, at the moment I would be happy for the default to be removed from my credit file as it is detrimental to my plan to apply for a mortgage. Can anyone offer advice please or had similar experience with Virgin Media please?
  4. Yeah you got me, I came home from work, bored, thought I'd make up a wee story and post a thread, tell a bit of BS just to see what I got back! It was as explained, I merely cut out the boring bits, about how I found out it had been an inspection, which is irrelevant and does not change the facts anyway but can elaborate for you if you wish. I know that some people wish to offer advice, I know that some people read threads and look/find things that they can pin point to say oh your wrong or this could be said but hey ho I'm not on a debate team but am willing to debate if thats what you would prefer? I posted on the site to get other points of view, not on whether my facts were true or not, but I thank you for letting me know that others may questions my integrity. In the future I will be sure to consider that people will troll through threads and poke holes before offering help. Yet you can't be too careful, people now a days, turning to websites for help!!! From now on I know to go in depth and into the nitty gritty and therefore avoid replies such as yours, and how much time did this take to read that you'll never get back!!!!
  5. HI, I arrived home, then realised someone had already been in the house. I knew nothing was missing so I hadn't been burgled but the mat had been moved, some items in the kitchen etc, I then realised someone had been to test the gas, although today was the 13th of July, they were marked the 12th of July. I then opened my post to find a letter informing me a gas inspection was to take place today. The letter was dated 2 days ago, the post mark was yestarday. By the time I got home, it was too late. It has upset and unsettled me that someone has entered my home, without me knowing. I want to write to my landlord but I have no contact details. I wasn't aware that renting in the private sector meant that arrangements could be made to enter the house without prior warning. Is this right? The letting agent informs me they have followed procedure??
  6. Thank you and I hope this helps The oc is the Bank of Scotland for a credit card taken out around the end of 2006 online and for a student overdraft. The account is now with Albion, who I believe are in house debt collectors. I fell into financial trouble and a claims management company said it was more than likely I had an unfair ca. I couldn’t afford the upfront fee and so I spoke to CCCS who advised me to apply for bankruptcy (something I hope to avoid), I passed this information onto BOS and offered a F&F settlement on 4 occasions from money left over from the sale of the house but was told unless I had a terminal illness, they would not accept any reduced offer. I have continued to make token payments and extra if available. I have received a valid default notice but the account does not seem to have been passed on yet. After finding this brilliant website, I requested a SAR and then S78 and received a re-constituted agreement, (2 pages of the original and a set of current T&C’s) as per the copy requirements. The letter also stated I had signed the agreement and was enforceable, as the T&C’s would have been provided to me at the time.
  7. I have recently received SAR and S77 and although they are adhering to the copy requirements of the act, sending a re-constituted agreement, they are not providing a true original copy of my agreement and are treating it as enforceable as it has my signature. I presume then, court action will be the only way of finding out whether or not the agreement is enforceable? Or is there anyone that could look at the pages I have and advise me on enforceability? I have been in contact with CCA and they advised bankruptcy as I have little more than token payments to offer each month. I've offered f&f four times, but each time, they've been refused. The account is still with their in-house debt collectors but due to the change in their satisfying the copy requirements, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should do nothing and wait for court action. Can anyone offer any advice?
  8. I won't receive the missing pages, after sending the S78, I received the same documents pages 3 and 4, as included with the SAR with a covering letter stating; they had sent a "reconstituted version of the executed agreement, with both the original and current terms, as there is no requirement to provide a copy of the original signed agreement etc. They enclosed "a copy of the front page proving my signature. The prescribed terms would have been validly incorporated into the agreement on the reverse of the enclosed, sheet or separate attached sheet". They "confirm the agreement complied with the requirements of s60/61 and as such is fully enforceable". Is this a standard response or would the bank have checked for enforceability?
  9. So the fun is only just beginning! I expected the bank would try alternative methods but 6 years worth. I'm presuming that from now they will put the pressure on and I will be contacted by various DCA's? I hope you finally get p&Q from it all very soon.
  10. Thank you Cartaphilus , (light bulb moment!) too busy stressing and not seeing the obvious. Apparently the terms and conditions fall out of the realm of the Data Protection Act. I will send of CCA 78 and see if all 8 pages arrive. Could be too late as payment required by Friday so no doubt the account will be off to a DCA.
  11. Could someone have a look at the DN and agreement please, I'd be eternally grateful
  12. I noticed there were pages missing but I presumed the missing pages were not of importance, perhaps its the ther way round and thats why they were not sent!
  13. Thank you both I didn't request a CCA but obtained a SAR instead and 2 pages of the agreement, signed in 2006 were included. The agreement looks enforceable to me, although my knowledge is limited. Is there such a thing as an unfair agreement? The envelope has no markings, other than a barcode. Sorry, I mislead you earlier the DN did not state 14 days! (I got muddled up with another DN from the bank). It is dated 27 May and was received on 5 June and payment is requested by 17 June. I've uploaded both the DN and Credit agreement and would sure appreciate any comments default 1.pdf default 2.pdf BOS agree.pdf bos agree 2.pdf
  14. I have fallen behind with payments to a credit card but have been paying a token amount, as and when I can. I made a larger payment 7 weeks ago. Since March time Albion collections have been requesting a payment schedule, I wrote stating that I would only communicate in writing and that I had been making payments etc. I got no reply. I have received further letters threatening a door step visit and 2 requesting immediate payment of the full amount outstanding. Last week I received a DN from the provider, requesting payment of the arrears within 14 days or further action will be taken, I do not have 14 days to raise any money as the letter took a while to arrive with the bank holiday mail. I also received another letter from Albion requesting full payment. I'm puzzled as to who has the debt now and who I should be paying?? Although, it seems to me they have already taken further action prior to sending the DN. Does anyone know if Albion are part of Halifax/Bank of Scotland?
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