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  1. It was bought from M & S Appliances which was part of that large conglomerate DRL, I think. As it was an internet purchase, the wife thought it a good idea to take out an aftercare plan. It's simply repair or replace until summer 2015.
  2. I have an all over stainless steel Miele Fridge Freezer, 4 years old, insured for repair or replacement through D & G. It developed a fault. The engineer attended and wrote it off. Said we would get a replacement. Replacement arrived today, but only door is stainless steel, sides are epoxy coated in a satin grey. One side is completely visible as you walk into kitchen. Rest of kitchen has stainless appliances. Neither I or the wife are happy. Apparently they only do one all over stainless fridge now which they have offered to us for a
  3. Thanks for the info - much appreciated - - can anyone tell me if I can have an hearing put back easily if I want more time to gather evidence?
  4. I am using Money Claim Online to seek statutory compensation from easyjet for cancelled flights. In error I only listed myself as the claimant, where as there are also 5 other family members also claiming. EasyJets solicitors have objected. How do I add the other persons to the claim? Many thanks
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