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  1. I work for a small company who employ an external HR company. I am actually the Office Manager but because of the size of our organisation i am responsible for obtaining advise from the external HR company.


    I was called into a meeting today by my Manager who asked me how the redundancy procedure should be carried out and I explained what I knew but said that I would confirm this with the external company as my knowledge is very limited or employment law. After I told him what I believed to be the process he asked how quickly the process could be carried out.


    I was then told that my job was at risk and that he would follow it up with a letter. I asked him when he was planning on having the 1st meeting and he told me that this was it. I told him that I did not think that it was appropriate to start my at risk meeting by asking me the redundancy process and he said but that is your area of responsibility and expected me to continue to obtain advise and right my own letters for my potential redundancy.


    He then agreed after the finance manager intervening that the finance manager would write the letters and obtain advice if I didn't wish to do so.


    The above is my first issue however I do have another problem which is that previously when the company has carried out redundancies they have always decided what the end result will be so I know for a fact that even though so far I have been told my job is at risk that I will be made redundant.


    I also have found out that I am pregnant which I told my boss at the meeting and he said that didn't effect what the company had to do as they still had to make cut backs.


    Can anybody give me any advise on what procedure he should be following. Should minutes be taken at meetings as none where taken today and whether it was appropriate for him to ask me how he should carry out the meetings and then to tell me I was at risk.


    Another question I have is when we made redundancies previously one of the ladies had a trade union rep with her although our company isnt registered with a union .... how did she find this person as I thought the company had to be part of a union?


    Sorry lots of questions and hopefully it is clear ... my head is all over the place at the moment.

    Any advise would be much appreciated.

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