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  1. Update, Letting them sweat, average threat-gram is once a week Also can anyone advise on the below Vanquis CC... I defaulted on payment on minimum payment with them , we agreed for me to pay a nominal sum per month , then in june last year without warning they gave it to Arrow.. .I ignored the one letter from Arrow... and also cancelled the nominal payment to Vanquis, nothing heard of until yesterday , when I receive a letter from NCO Europe demanding payment etc, I understand under GDPR rules, all parties need your consent to release data, ie Vanquis to Arrows, Arrows to NCO Europe...
  2. yeah thought you couldn't, thanks for the info , will CCA on the Credit Card
  3. Ok will sort stuff out , in the meantime I will CCA LOWELL ON tesco and the CC Debt
  4. Hi Dodgeball, would that refer to the tesco debt...or the CC...Or the Cat debt (Cat debt I received all details from OC..Just not had time to go through paperwork )
  5. Ok cool, can I CCA them on the tesco mobile debt?, will be CCA'ing them on the CC Debt , and the letters /threatograms are all one way...They are on their third threatogram re tesco/cc because Ive not responded
  6. Ok , updating to this thread... .Stalemate with Cabot , as they cannot produce a CCA, Paying a nominal fee to lowell on Cat debt, who have now targeted me for two other debts, a Tesco mobile and a credit Card debt, what struck me is they say they can add interest to these debts if payments are not kept up as they claim in their threatograms? even though I have not admitted /confirmed I am liable... never received any correspondence on the Credit Card being passed/bought by lowells, only the tesco debt , I also still need to look at the cat debt papers I received from the OC, , where interest has been charged etc I have informed lowell of this
  7. Yes I am using a scanner and then uploading from a iMac ..but its saying the file is too big to upload ,even then mimising it in preview the resolution goes blurry , can I ask what specifically are we looking for... I took out the agreement in 2016 online with £1000 credit limited at the beginning at 39% I had BNPL, I'm actually thinking of sending a SAR to the OC, which should give me the facts behind the amount lowell's are asking for...
  8. Hi DX100uk I have just spent the last couple of hours sorting out resolution and minimising file size etc, and can only get to that , I 'm thinking to save the hassle of going through it all again... regarding the credit agreement they sent is there anything I should look out for , what specifically are we looking for? It appears to be a copy of OCA from the OC...
  9. Hi DX100uk Good afternoon Hopefully I have done it right this time CCA Lowells 1.pdf
  10. I have not uploaded the agreement which is a copy of an agreement ....as mentioned no additional letter with any breakdown of charges etc do you want me to upload the agreement ?
  11. Hi All Good morning Today I received a copy of the Credit Agreement...but no breakdown of charges,intererst etc, and a warning that I need to respond in 30 days with a payment plan..Any advice will be much appreciated, do I go back and ask for a breakdown of charges, interest etc ?
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