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  1. Yes I am using a scanner and then uploading from a iMac ..but its saying the file is too big to upload ,even then mimising it in preview the resolution goes blurry , can I ask what specifically are we looking for... I took out the agreement in 2016 online with £1000 credit limited at the beginning at 39% I had BNPL, I'm actually thinking of sending a SAR to the OC, which should give me the facts behind the amount lowell's are asking for...
  2. Hi DX100uk I have just spent the last couple of hours sorting out resolution and minimising file size etc, and can only get to that , I 'm thinking to save the hassle of going through it all again... regarding the credit agreement they sent is there anything I should look out for , what specifically are we looking for? It appears to be a copy of OCA from the OC...
  3. Hi DX100uk Good afternoon Hopefully I have done it right this time CCA Lowells 1.pdf
  4. uploaded CCAL1.pdf CCAL2.pdf CCAL3.pdf CCAL4.pdf CCAL5.pdf CCAL6.pdf CCAL7.pdf
  5. I have not uploaded the agreement which is a copy of an agreement ....as mentioned no additional letter with any breakdown of charges etc do you want me to upload the agreement ?
  6. Hi All Good morning Today I received a copy of the Credit Agreement...but no breakdown of charges,intererst etc, and a warning that I need to respond in 30 days with a payment plan..Any advice will be much appreciated, do I go back and ask for a breakdown of charges, interest etc ?
  7. Hi x100uk....is your reply in relation to and do not want to go down DRO route pols got slightly confused
  8. Cool Will start to address it over the next couple of weeks.....at the end of it all they still will only get a £1 a month...but even a pound on UC is a lot...and do not want to go down DRO route
  9. Thanks guys So when sending the letter...I can request the following...a CCA outlining all charges/transactions etc , although there is a box on the information sheet asking if you need a copy full statement of the account... basically what a CCA requests
  10. Ah...noticed its not...its a letter outlining all charges, and then a 3 page questionnaire/information sheet asking for information i.e incomings/outgoings (seems a fishing letter)...with the phrase(s)such as you have received this notice a business intends to take you to court in relation to a debt...and other phrase(s) such as if not sent back in 30 days it could result in court action....
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