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  1. Buyer is ready to go, so only hold up would be dreaded solicitors...so a matter of weeks. There is a shortfall, but I stipulated to the lender I would be in a position next month to repay in full as policy maturing, and to this they stated were not interested, just wanted possession. I also just started a new job, and willing to make payments, again, they are not interested... So I could walk away, and not repay the proceeds, but I wanted a clean slate escpecially in this climate at the moment. Just praying the court comes back this afternoon to state that I can be given leave to appeal. Otherwise its an instant upheaval to an area we have no control of where we are.
  2. Thank you!! Means a lot to have someone point you in the right direction, as at the moment, I am a lost soul being ripped off with fees and advice, right or wrong, from solicitors...They just dont care about anyone.. Fingers crossed we can prevent this from happenin and get this damn property sold
  3. Thanks for this. I am a lost soul at the moment, as I tend not to rely on solicitors, they wont speak until you turn up with a pot of gold for them..! I have contacted my local court where they are dealing with the decree, and one of them is looking into whether I can do something today in respect of appealing, as the lender just seems to be igoring any contact I or the buyer are attempting to make with them. Will keep you posted on what happens, but any advice you are giving me is absolutely invaluable and will always help
  4. Hi Just registered on this great site as I too am stuck in a similar scenario with a decree up here in Scotlan just been granted to the lender (Church House Trust). Lender due to receive order next few days with intention to have sheriff officers serve asap. I am in a stressed panic as firstly cant find anywhere for family (wife and 2 young kids)to go, but there are other reasons. 1 There is a sale of the property that the lender is blocking which has dragged on for months which also unfortunately led to our local council losing patience with the sale and pushed ahead to bankrupt myself and my wife. This meant the sale was then out of our hands. I am so angry especially as the buyer wanted in at the end of May, but we were made bankrupt at end of April, for the sake of a few weeks!! I dont know where else to turn, the buyer has been ignored by lender, he still wants to buy it asap, and I dont want a repossession over me. Is it the case I can still legally apply for a Suspension order to try and get this mess sorted out, or is it just better to focus on moving before they come knocking?? the council are not too keen on helping either as it was them who made us bankrupt!
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