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  1. Certainly seems like it. The woman on the phone said the merchant can take the funds as i authorised it despite it being off an old card that i asked to be cancelled. The merchnay DO NOT have my new details at all so i was unaware theyd be allowed to take off the old details. Im not worried about monies being returned as its my fault but they seemes to be pulling the wool over my eyes! If i lost my card then im sure they wouldnt have been able to take funds. Would it have been easier to raise a dispute with VISA as its them who shouldnt have let the payment leave.
  2. Yes i understand. The payments were taken via card to an online bookmaker but i had already told the bank to cancel any future payments to them and got a new card so in my opinion they shouldnt have been allowed to take anything. I spoke to the exec team at my bank this morn who said they cant stop the payments via card and payments off an old card will still be allowed to go through? Its a manual card payment so not a cpa so theyve said i authorised them despite cancelling the cpas and it being a different card
  3. Thanks. I used to work in debt management so i should know bettee. When i went into the branch i asked them to cancel the card and stop any future CPAs to the merchant. As they are a bookmaker however i presumed it was just a normal card payment? If its a CPA then yes i cancelles but wont the bank just say its a payment i authorised?
  4. Thanks. I was under the impression that for the merchant to process a payment they would need my new details? How can they process a payment through a card where the cvv and expiry are incorrect Also, i told the bank that i didnt want any further payments to this company being made as a cpa. But they are saying its a card payment.....despite the bookmaker holding old details
  5. Hi all. Hoping someone can advise me correctly. Embarrassing but about six months ago i fell into a bit of a downward spiral and gambled quite a bit so asked Santander to cancel my card so i couldnt gamble online. Up until recently i had no issues but last week i logged back in and the merchant in question accepted a payment off my old card which i believed was cancelled. I spoke to Santander who said they reissued the card and didnt cancel it and couldnt cancel payments to the online bookmaker either. Im not looking for any refunds etc but cannot quite grasp how the merchant can take payments off a card which is now no longer used and has old details, expiry and cvv etc. Thanks all
  6. So it was 2 different employment. One PAYE job from a company i worked for and one self employed income.....or loss due to setup costs, stock etc.
  7. Hi Tom. I had a PAYE job until August which paid 1400pm. In August I setup self employed....my income for my PAYE job paid me 1400 but the setup for self employment cost 1200....so net income was 200. I am now self employed only. Hope that makes sense
  8. Thanks Tom. So I'm presuming the calculation will be something along the lines of 1400 PAYE income minus 1k stock and 200 travel = 200 net income. Obviously provable when I do my first SA. Think I've missed the cut off for August so I'll just have to lump that one but nice to know for September
  9. I've been self employed for one month and have just setup. They don't know about it as of yet but am querying whether the PAYE job and self employed job interlink to get a net income or whether DWP just use my PAYE income to determine benefits
  10. Hi all. Wondering if someone can help me. Up until recently I have been working but had a universal credit claim running in the background for 6 months. In August I earnt 1400 through my PAYE job but setup self employed and the total expenses that month were 1200 approx giving a net income for that payment period of 200. Does dwp account for net income across both jobs for benefit purposes or just my main PAYE job which I am no longer doing. Any help will be appreciated.
  11. Appreciate the help. Complained twice via phone last week and was told today no complaint was even logged hence why i received no phone calls. Agent gave me an email address on friday to send housing benefit documents to and apparently this isnt policy so a breach there and then got told today i may have to wait another 8 days! I only wanted to claim for one month for the transition between jobs. No wonder the economy is falling down
  12. Hi all. Hoping someone can help me. I claimed universal credit on 12th april and believed i had to incur 7 waiting days which is fine then my payment period would run from 20th april to 19th may. I am now being told i wont receive a payment til 2nd june. I believed the payment should be on 26th.....has anyone got any idea of how i can calculate when it should actually be as this seems an awful long time to wait
  13. Thanks for the response. Am I within my rights to ask for the debts to be passed back to the council and to pay them direct. I currently work in finance and told the bailiff that any action like this would cost me my business to which he said iy was my fault. Im not a serial debt builder and just want to be able to pay a set amount each month to clear this without constant charges.
  14. Hi All, Hoping someone can help me. I have had a bailiff visit today for a council tax debt that i have been paying up until recently but have missed 2 payments in the last few months due to work circumstances. The bailiff asked about goods in my home to which there is nothing of significant value. He then proceeded to say if I didnt pay 335 today he would recommend committal. For the last 6 months or so i have been paying £40pm and also £20pm to a debt sent back to the council. They have also charged £235 for the visit so its made a £100 debt £335 and charged £235 for the second account making £335 go to £570. I have been charged multiple times for bailiff visits and i thought they could only charge me once.....if it wasnt for the constant £235 charges this debt would have been cleared a long time ago. Can anyone advise on how to deal with this best as im not wilfully declining payment i just cant afford the ludicrous amounts they are asking for. Thanks All
  15. Its the same ongoing issue. Its nothing different just progressed down the line and things have changed.
  16. Hi All, Hoping someone can help before I potentially waste my time. I have done the early conciliation process to no avail and have since submitted my claim to court via Employment Tribunal. I have now been told the company are being liquidated yet another company with the same owner is being started in the same building. Where does the claim stand? The dispute was with the old company over pay etc.
  17. And what would the result be if I put my notice in and they then said I wasnt required to work? Would I then be entitled to the weeks pay? As letting people go seems to be quite common practice
  18. Theres no common practice mentioning any 10% per day off. The 3k was worked out of as a percentage of payments taken etc so 40 payments = £40 and then 50 = £50. I ended on 60 so that should have been 60 x the max of £50 = £3k and was told that the owner just didnt want to pay 3k so paid 2k, dont get me wrong its good but only the top 2 took a hit and people who finished on 30 or 40 were paid the full amounts.
  19. And one more Q? If i put my notice in tomorrow to say leave on 5th as I have found a new job. If my employer tells me to leave, do they have to pay me considering I requested to leave on 5th Nov?
  20. Yes, I was signed off previously around 18 months ago. So you feel an employer can hold commission payments due to sickeness despite it not being in a contract etc?
  21. Hi All, Hoping somebody can help me here on what course of action to take? I work for a particular company where I am paid a flat basic wage and also earn commission on top giving me a good take home pay each month, providing targets are hit. 2 months ago I hit target easily and was expected to take £3k commission but less than 24 hours before payday was told the owner didnt want to pay me £3k and they were deducting £1k off my commission. Last month, again I hit target and should have taken home £1,600 and basic but due to having 2 weeks off sick (by a doctor with a note) they took all 100% of my commission off me and a manager stated it was 10% for every sick day, and also deducted sick pay etc leaving me with just over £900. I again that month finished top of the stats and feel I should have been paid. There is a clause in my contract which states commission is paid at the managers discretion but it seems to word it in relation to underpeformance which I clearly didnt. There is also nothing in my contract to state that if off sick you lose commission let alone the 10% for every day off. It feels as though its been an easy way for the company not to pay me the full salary. I also had issues with a manager yesterday who spoke to me in front of all my collagues and junior staff and said no wonder people dont like me in relation to my work etc (top of stats/good earner) and I now feel like I cannot carry on working for this company. On top of these issues, I was released by them last year for misconduct and then reemployed, but when I left last year I was also due £750 for accrued holiday which also wasnt paid. I am now wondering where I stand and what course of action to pursue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  22. Hi, I've worked things out a little more closely. It seems my gross pay per month was around £2750 so I was looking at a total gross pay between these periods of £13750 and on top of that my JSA for the additional periods would equate to around £1200 so in total for the year I am looking at £14950. I am a single chap, no mortgage, no savings etc etc that would help tax relief either. I was on quite a big tax code due to earning 37k the year before and most months I paid £393 tax roughly so am looking at £1950+ tax for the year. Would I be eligible for a rebate on these calculations? Thanks
  23. Hi all, Not sure if I'm in the right section of the forum, if so can someone help please. I am looking for a little assistance on whether I might be entitled to a tax rebate and if so, how much roughly etc. I only worked 1st April to 5th August last year but I seemed to have paid more tax than I should have. In these months I probably earnt around 15k gross and from bank statements etc I seem to have taken home 10k. On this income however it seems I have paid around £1200-£1500 tax however as it seems to have been based on my previous years earnings of 37k gross. I only worked part of the year and started claiming JSA in November which I know is taxable. Does anyone know where I stand etc? I am so confused with speaking to HMRC about it and when it should come back. Thanks
  24. I've just checked my contract and it does state the holiday year run from 1st April to 31st March and that upon cessation of employment any accrued holiday should be paid. I do believe then in this case that I should be paid 4 months worth of holiday which
  25. Well they werent left in the lurch and dont use agency either so that rules that out. I believe it works out around 80 hours at around £9 per hour so around £720, not a huge amount but id rather have that then them
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