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  1. The court in the UK sent the European order for payment letter via a " messenger in arms" to a gerechtsdeurwaarder to be delivered in Holland. Does this mean that the process has been transferred to Holland or is it just for delivery purposes. The debt is solely from the UK, the statement of opposition would be with the court it came from in the UK am I right??:-? Can this Dutch gerechtsdeurwaarder come to our house and demand payment? Is this just a bullyboy tactic? Any advise is welcome
  2. Moved to the Netherlands 30 months ago.Owned house in Scotland.Paid mortgage for 1 year after we left.Due to bank crisis we signed house over to lender.Received today letter from lender European Order for Payment.Can someone please tell us what happens now. 1.We Have a mortgage in the Netherlands,will we loose our house? 2.Can they come to our house and take our belongings? 3.Do we ignore the letter? 4.Do we appeal?
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