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  1. Hi, Have you tried Paul Mckenna s gastric Band Book or his I Can make you Thin? There around 400+ of us on it all ages and weights. There are several guys on it too with alot of weight to loose, and its working for them. No fady diets to follow just common sense. We are on facebook but you have to register to join which is free at the moment.
  2. No Padja, i dont work for any papers. Just one of the many pensioners who have to put up with these idiots. Gets rid of them.
  3. Had another phone call this evening from some asian man,very bad english saying he was from my broadband provider.I told him i knew it was a [problem] and my phone was bugged and tracing his call.He shouted F--k off at me and slammed the phone down.
  4. Hi, Paypal never send out emails like this. The last time i sent it straight to spoof@paypal.com they again put my mind at rest. I telephoned them and i was assured it was not from them.I hadnt got that amount in my account anyway.They do have records though and can check all your accounts. I never open any links i just send it on.
  5. Hi again, Thought id let you all know had email from paypal, as i thought it was spoof.Thanking me for making a payment to them for £42.99 this is the second time ive had this one. Passed it to paypal who checked it out and replied saying it wasnt their doing. So be on your guard if you get this one and let paypal know.
  6. Hi, you dont need to go to a solicitor. I changed back to my maiden name last June. I used The UK Deed Poll Office. Their web site is www.theukdeedpolloffice.co.uk You will find all you need there. I had a dozen copies done and they have all been accepted by council,etc.They are printed on good paper. I wasnt disappointed.
  7. I had one of these calls saying it was microsoft.I almost fell for it to.It sounded like an asian man who told me id got errors on my pc and to type in this code which took over my curser, this went on for a couple of minutes.Then he transfered me to his manager who tried to sell me something-disc ???? that would clear all errors. It started at £189.00 , i told him i couldnt afford that being on a pension, he slowly kept bring the price down.By this time id cottoned on and put the phone down. I emailed microsoft who did investicated it and it was a [problem]. Im thankfull i hadnt give any
  8. Hi Again, Well i got in contact with the Finance & Leasing Assoc as the Fos recommended and again was told Sorry we cant help! Like i said before its like going around in circles BUT im not ready to give up yet. Its would be good to see Welcome suffer , like they have done to alot of their customers over the years financially and mentally. Maybe its cos im older and can look back now, but i wish id stood up to them when they were giving me grief all those years ago.
  9. Mornin Rebel11, Well i got in touch with Fos this morning, who explained the in s and outs of their letter. They advised me to try Finance & Leasing Assoc. who may be able to help. So thats next step, ever had that feeling your going round in circles!
  10. You may recall last year me sending a claim for unfair charges and ppi? to Welcome Finance. I did SAR, ICO and the FOS in past few months. Ive been away for two weeks in which time i have recieved a reply from FOS saying they were sorry but could not help but if i wasnt happy to contact them by today 12th July. Well i tried to send email to the person who was named as the Adjudicator on my case only for it to be sent back NOT KNOWN. Thats helpfull. This i found interesting and i thought you may like to know too. This from my letter. The reason that we cannot consider your complain
  11. Hi DX, Ive had reply back to the last letter i sent to Welcome. Its off too the FOS now.The womans not budging on her final response,and if im not satisfied to take the matter further with the FOS. Its very strange how two letters which they say have been sent to me ive not recieved.One had a copy of my deed poll in, the other was last year when i enquired three times about the copies of my aggreements.
  12. Hi Dx, Can i just ask which letter i should send is it the one before action?The complaints handler put details of the FOS in with the letter she sent back to me.
  13. Hi Dx,Thanks for your reply.I intend taking it up with the FOS Im not happy at all at her response to all the paper work i sent to them. So far porkies been told to ICO and they believed them.At no time was i offered the missing agreements that i asked for in first place.All of a sudden they can supply them.
  14. Hi again, Further to my last post, i sent a letter to Welcome asking for a refund of all charges and excess fee s that they applied to my accounts. Today i had letter back from their complaint handler stating she had looked at all the complaints id made.She had investigated and her findings were that i was aware of all charges applied to my accounts. She also stated that they had advised Andrew White of ICO that they are willing to send me reconstituted copies of the agreements. As you may recall i sent for SAR last June and these were missing, i asked several times for them to sent to m
  15. Im with British gas for both dont believe everything they offer. I recently read about the essentials package and rang them about it.Im disabled, on pension credit, disbility living/mobility, what they dont tell you is they take everything into consideration and means test you. If your income is over £15,000 you cant go on it. Then i had another question to ask them, id had my estimate for usage of electric for the year. They read the meter regularly so it was based on that. I have payment meter which i buy £10-00 a week and put in £520 per yr but on their estimate i was well under by £120.
  16. Hi Sue, You must see your doctor, im on disability/ mobility. I always put my doc s name, address, hospital, consultant and other medical people im seeing. They can then get in touch with them. Age concern filled my forms in for me the first time, but i now do them myself. Again how far you can walk is a catch question ive always thought as well, you need to read and think hard about your answers to that one. Hope this helps dont give up appeal again.
  17. Hi can anyone tell me if im responsable for brokers fee s or Welcome Finance.Just about to start spread sheet of unfair charges by them. I thought it was commission to the car dealer for putting business their way. Am i right in thinking this, can i claim this back?
  18. Hi Birdy, My son-in-law is having almost the same problem as youve had.He bought a Citreon c5 from a garage.Within weeks he was having problems to do with the steering, he got in touch with the Finance company as it was on HP. He had been back to the garage where he had bought it from to find it had been burned down in an arson attack a couple weeks before. Another garage would not MOT it saying it was dangerous should not be on road and that as been put in writing to the finance company which is First Response.They said the would pick up car and havent then deniend it.Its been on my drive n
  19. Hi Rebel11, Yes i did look on other sites yesterday but didnt find anything of any help.Both my meters were prepayment when i moved here and i kept them that way as it meant i didnt get any bills coming in.In the past year i had the gas one changed to normal meter but i still paid weekly at post office to my account.This as been okay as i couldnt bend to put the old card in the meter.I have left the electric still on prepayment.I dont use gas during summer months, from end april until end oct normally. I always felt switching suppliers was a waste of time as within weeks they put their price
  20. Hi, Today i spoke to British gas about going on the Essential s package.Im disabled, live on my own and on pension credit.I was also told i was above the level to have this package.I was not very pleased as id just had my gas bill for last quarter of £360, and the one before was £160.I was told they take everything into condideration, council tax, housing benifit , disability., etc. Im 69yrs old not much chance of me working again,just found out ive got heart condition now too, on top of being disabled. If this is meant to help the most vulnerable im disgusted.
  21. Hi Sand-dancer, Had a look at the site you said about but found out that ICO are working along with them, so id proberly get same answers back.
  22. Hi Sand dancer,Thanks for the reply.I did my SAR last year, Welcome sent all the paper work apart from copies of agreements, which i wrote and asked for several times.Nothing came back, so i was advisedon here to try the ICO which as been on going since last August. There are no out standing accounts last payments were 2005.I have gone through the paperwork they sent and find they have added expences, which ive paid more interest on monthly, insurences, brokers fee s, which i was led to believe they were responsible for., letters, telephone calls etc. I want to try and claim all this back o
  23. Hi, Again Welscum as lied their way out to the ICO . Had letter today from them which as took since last August, to say that they had closed the case after hearing from Welscum. I sent my SAR off in June last year.They sent copies of all my accounts but no agreement copies, which i took up with ICO in August as i wasnt getting anywhere with Welcome. The letter from ICO states that Welcome had got nothing in my previous surname. This i find quite funny because i didnt remarry until 2001 and the accounts were from before that.They were notified of change of name in 2001 as well. They also sa
  24. Hi DJ, Thank you for trying to sort out this account.I wondered if maybe DX100 or Postiggj would have a look too.On this one and the other i have on here too.
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