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  1. Thanks, will endeavour to find a scanner.
  2. Hi, Have now recieved a copy of original credit aggreement with what looks like my signature on... they state ( Please find enclosed a copy oy your original agreement, along with current terms and conditions and those applicable at the time of inception. Please refer to section 5 in original terms and section 2 of the current terms, which confirms when payments fell due under the agreement and the basis for calculating the amount of the payments that were due. This now completes our obligations under Credit Act 1974 and satifies your s78 request. And should contact collections to arrange payment! Could any body advise what I should do next. Thanks
  3. oh ok, thanks for that. Regards
  4. Oh ok, thanks for that! Regards
  5. Hi, had a letter from DLC stating they cant provide original credit aggreement because of age of debt, and cant inforce, although they state I am still liable for the debt! is there something else that I should do in reply? Thanks
  6. It would have to be that very nice lady from DLC who calls me, who seems to have had a charisma bypass....! whom seems to delight in other peoples misfortunes! every dog has he's day, come on PT....
  7. Don't think I will then! thanks
  8. HaHaHa!! You crack me up Deb!! Should I continue with the monthly payment?
  9. Hi, Just had my reply to my CCA request, I sent it to DLC but got a reply from Hillesden Securities!! I reads as follows. Account Number XXXXXXXXX Formerly Egg Banking PLC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your recent letter regarding the above account. I can confirm and advise the following: 1) I Acknowledge receipt of your payment of £1.00 in connection with your data request under the credit act. 2) We are still awaiting a copy of your original agreement and statement of account from the original lender Egg Banking PLC. When they come available we will forward to you. 3)If we are unable to forward a copy of the original agreement, we will be able to supply a true copy of the document which will comply with section 77-79 of the consumer credit act 1974 4)We would like to draw your attention to the ruling in the case of McGuffick v rbs judgement dated 6 October 2009 in relation to "WHAT IS CONSIDERED ENFORCEMENT" the judgement stated that the bringing of proceedings is not enforcement. It follows that demanding payment is a step taken prior to the commencement of proceedings and therefore not considered enforcement. We will continue to report the account status to the Credit Ref Agencies as this is also not considered as enforcement. 5) Whist we may not be able to enforce the agreement until the documentation is provided, the monies remain outstanding and the underlying obligation to repay remains intact. In view of the above judgement the account will remain with our collections dept for collections activity to continue. I wll update you on developments in 21 days if ther are no developments beforehand. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on the contents?
  10. I'll try that and keep you informed. thanks
  11. Thanks for that Deb T.... Made me feel better, would like to avoid another ccj though, credit just begginning to get back on track!
  12. Thanks for that, is there an example available for me to work from? regards
  13. Hi, I am reading your comments with interest. Wondered if you have any comments to make on my own situation. I took out a loan with Egg in 2001 and defaulted in 2003 during my divorce. Was contacted by DLC and agreed a repayment plan of £65PM, have been paying that ever since. I have recently managed to get car finance, and within 2 weeks was contacted by DLC threatening me with everything other than death!! They were really intimidating, and I actually paid them an amount over the phone. there is still around 6k outstanding and said they will call me back this Friday to see if I have raised the rest of the money, or they were going for a charge on my property. Does anybody have any suggestion on how I should deal with them? Regards
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