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  1. looking at the agreement, is the section "right to cancel" containing enough info to comply. It says they will send you the details, surely they should be on the agreement ie; 14 days etc;
  2. In the interests of helping others and my inquisitive nature. Would the OP please let us know the outcome and whether they were successful thanks
  3. Employers should be restricted to using their own in house HR departments to keep costs down, if HR knew more about the law, then maybe they would get managers to treat their employees better/fairer, happy employees are more productive/increase profit. Exactly, stop the ET system just being a lip service and do what it's meant to do.
  4. More money for more lawyer's. ET starting to look a bit like divorce , only people benefiting are the lawyers.
  5. All the dealings I've had with the ET are infuriating.
  6. So now they are saying you should settle even if it's not to your satisfaction, They should just do away with this ET system, not fit for purpose.
  7. All you can do is show via the joint bank account what your husband contributes to the household bills. Whether your husband has money doesn't mean he will pay your debts and shouldn't have to. You can show what your income/outgoings are and what you have left and therefore can pay. That is the only information you have. The more I read and experience from this ET system, the more I despair. Employers don't seem to care about these proceedings, they are a minor inconvenience.
  8. Good for your Husband ;-) I agree with his attitude.
  9. Why are you getting these costs orders Mugged and Standup.
  10. Why send a text, just telephone them, with hold the no. and catch them that way.
  11. Hey Grot , where do I find THAT ride, sounds like therapy right there ;-)
  12. Good advice, take the money as long as you can, you know you ain't going back, so no sweat. Have a few days away or a day out, whatever you used to enjoy. Do MOD have a rehab place or rest/break place, ask your union they should hook you up.
  13. There isn't a problem then, you aren't going back full stop. Severance, resignation or dismissal, they can take their pick just hand back the key to the executive wash room. Finished, just wait for your final pay packet. If you offered them severance or resignation, I think they are going to take the cheaper option .
  14. I think you got my point. Other peoples problems seem unimportant, because they are unimportant, can't find red nail varnish, car failed mot etc. Glad you are letting union etc just get on with it, I agree not a job risk matter, but the employer can't write that to you, it would show up the system ie; a through process needs to be carried out and not pre judged ( if you believe that ).
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