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  1. No when into my overdraft a couple of times but never over it ! It's started I'm now missing payments on my credit cards and my small loan because if this I have informed my card companies and they all said I should be able to claim any charge's off my bank but this is not helping me keeping on top of my small steps to rebuild my credit rating !! Very upset by the way Barclays can just decide to do this without informing me and then expect you to live of thin air !
  2. Nope I'm just a Joe blogs customer with an overdraft no large sums of money going in or out only my wages every week! Barclay's never even told me about it found out when I went to my local garage to get some petrol where my card was declined! Spoken with many "personal bankers" and haven't been told anything! Been a Barclay's customer for 6 years without any hassle! Now opened up a new account the Lloyd's I'll take my business
  3. Hi Fkofilee Barclay's are not very forth coming with why it's under review I did ask but was told a member of the review team will contact me as soon as they have finished my review! I asked how late ng it would take and was told 2 to 3 weeks !
  4. Hi was just wondering Barclay's have put my account under review! I have no clue as to why it is, been with them for the last 10 years and never had a problem, I have direct debits coming out at the end of the month a couple of credit cards, council tax and a small loan can I claim any charge's back from Barclay's ? I have informed the companies what is going on and they where very understanding I'm pleased to say however I'm trying to rebuild my credit score and all was going well but will my hard work be undone by my own bank? Thanks in advance GH
  5. Sorry shouldn't of said that!
  6. Still have everything they ever sent me low life company !!! Hi coledog hope all is well with you.
  7. Hi all been a long time since I visited this brilliant site, after my run in with Alasdair Turnbull and his company and won with the brilliant people on this site playing a massive part in my victory http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?298234-HFO-Claimform-old-welcome-loan-from-2004-**DISCONTINUED** Well alot has happened to since my victory unfortunately my marriage didn't last and I do blame HFO in part ,putting a lot of pressure on myself and family but thats all water under the bridge now and life goes on. had a letter today from the Office of fair trading telling me that all three of Mr Turnbull's have appealed OFT's decision and have asked if I could attend after my witness statement that I sent into them. I for one would be happy to attend and sink these nasty tactics company's. Hope some of the members on here who helped me are still here. Regards Gloryhunter
  8. Right then how do i go about claiming costs from this lot? GH
  9. Brigg any chance of changing the thread " THEY DONT LIKE IT UP UM" Or somthing a bit more apt ta
  10. Yet another letter from T&R arrived today............................. A DISCONTINUANCE LETTER yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of my back at last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just want to say a massive thank you to all the caggers that helped me, CD most of all for her defence, DX,DOH,DONKEY the list is long THANK YOU SO MUCH, without CAG i would more than likely be paying our friends more than £8.5k. (THAT I NEVER OWED) Thanks again guys. One very,very happy GH. :) Sorry forgot about BA thanks buddy Sh*t and BRIG lol sorry
  11. Hi next time they phone you ask them to wait a mo then {edit]off and carry on what you was doing before they phoned they hate that lol good luck
  12. Thanks guys do i go for the small claims mediation ? It also states ... A fee of £40.00 is payable by the claiment on filing of their aq. do i also have to pay £40.00 for mine as i am the defendant ?
  13. Ok ta , we have been looking back though all the letters from LINK. They where looking for £1,402 when they 1st made contact in sept 2011 and they are now looking for £2,069 do know how they can up it by £670 in 6 months?
  14. Thanks Andy, do i need to fill in the aq and return it to the court ? i have untill 13th April?
  15. N244 APPLICATION NOTICE...............We wish to rely on the following evidence in support of this application. T he claimant raised the proceedings by way of an electronic tape sent to the court. A defence was filed, and on the 8th August 2011 the court sent to the claiment an N236 notice that defence has been filed. The return date was noted as being 10th September 2011. The claiment apologises for its lapse in not filing that document in time. The failure to do so was a clerical error only-it was not intended as any disrepect to the court. To allow the claim to proceed, the claiment would request the court transfer the claim to the defendant's local court. we attach our transfer request. They intend to apply that 1. the stay be lifted 2. claim be transferred to defendants home court. 3 there be no order as to costs
  16. Sorry Andy,i did'nt mean it to sound that way and i thank you for all your help we will ring the court tomorrow and find out what court has it and request thier application. am i right in thinking if i go for a set aside, this means both parties start again from the begining? after a quick flick though the inter net for them to lift the stay it seems they might have a new doc that may give them more chance of getting a judgement.Regards GH
  17. Right 1st heading........GENERAL DIRECTIONS ORDER 2nd heading ....... NOTICE OF TRANSFER OF PROCEEDINGS 3rd heading........NOTICE THAT DEFENCE HAS BEEN FILED. Why is there a £40.00 fee to pay ? for the aq
  18. A defence to this claim has been filed. If the defendant is an individual the claim has been transferred to the court covering the area where the defendant lives or carries on business.( just read that bit so its already been transferred by the looks of it !
  19. It has Northampton stamp on it, can we ring and ask for their application ?
  20. letter states the aq be returnd to local court so best ring them then?
  21. yes sorry aq (fat fingers small keys) I take it i ask Northampton ccbc or the local court?
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