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  1. The next step will probably be a letter from Connaught Collections 1st Credits cohort company with the usual threats of what they may do what they might do if you don't contact them. If & when this does happen send them the DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE DEBT/ CCA request letter,£1 postal order for fee, DON't sign PO and send recorded delivery.
  2. Further to Steven4064 post, don't worry about Fairfax posturing and threats are in my experience are all they are capable of. I cost them over £2k over their mistakes and silly letters!
  3. Hi Senior, you have given so much great advice in the past why not just send the Stat Barred /prove it's not letter? As well as doing all that is advised above. Hope your sister is ok.!!
  4. I have personally dealt with Fairfax who also work for the the DWP and other Government department, they are the old Eversheds ''solicitors'' doing a ''Phoenix'' impression title solicitors core business debt collection, I would (as I did) challenge any statement made by Fairfax, As your account is still open, have you had any warning letters from the OC,has the account been frozen? Have you had any notification at all informing you your account has been handed to a third party? If not send the I do not acknowledge alleged debt letter RD. Good luck and hope your health probl
  5. Are all of the 2000 ''odd'' guests working for DCA's trying to get a little Knowledge????
  6. Connaught !st Crud & Judge & Priestly the tame solicitor, have done exactly the same to my daughter,and have come up with a mysterious payment in 2005,without that the debt would be statute barred June 2010 Just sent off defence as they have gone AHEAD AND ISSUED A COUNTY COURT CLAIM WITH VERY VAGUE POC. aLL THE SAME DOCUMENTS AS SHOWN ABOVE.
  7. Write to Lowell at the is address Mr. Rob Sands Compliance Manager Lowell Group Enterprise House 1 Apex View Leeds LS11 9BH Instruct them to remove the unauthorised search, state that you have no liability to them in any way, and will seek redress if they do not comply. Send similar letter to credit reference agency. Send RD. Also see my thread on CRA Forum.
  8. I found Fairfax one of the most unprofessional firms of solicitors I have ever dealt with,sent out empty envelope once then an an finished letter saying reply in envelope supplied , no envelope enclosed,all template letters. This lot were spawned by the awful Eversheds same staff same boss They rarely send doorstep collectors out.
  9. I've seen one of these authorised agents (007 NOT!!!) Superanuated school boy in Smart car and a plastic folder didn't see the crayons though.He looked like a rabbit caught in the head lights!!
  10. A letter of complaint to The Chief Constable and the local police authority shoul have some impact Identity theft and fraud is ''supposed'' to be a priority. Give the names,rank & numbers of the officers who have been dismissive about your complaint, also a letter to your MP should stir things up!!
  11. I have been having problems with Equifax regarding entries made on my credit report under Searches MADE IN CONNECTION WITH CREDIT APPLICATIONS ON TABLE 1 OF THE REPORT.lLowell and Mackenzie Hall made 12 searches between them some times twice in one day and 7 in one week. I have challenge these with both companieis Mackenzie Hall I have to say have reacted marvellously in checking the searches,removing them and paying compensation very quickly. Lowell however cannot seem to grasp the fact that their types of searche should go on table 2 other searches which does not impact on the
  12. If they don't identify their client ignore this until they do, silly threats which are meaningless. should be reported to the Office of Fair Trading asap.
  13. Thanks you have also helped with something I am dealnig with.
  14. I defer to greater knowledge:
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