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  1. Hi Guys, Really looking for some advice here please: Let me start from the top: I stay in a 2 bed flat, all electric. we are very energy wary so everything not needed is off. We also do NOT ever use the storage heaters as the heat from below warms the flat just fine! Last year I was on the £53 per month tarrif by direct debit and all was fine. This year I have been increased to a £74 pound tarriff. This seemed very high for nothing running. So now to today - I'm now paying £125 per month as i'm now over £400 quid in DEBT to them for using, yes you've got it, very little electricity! I've asked for house visits, bill checks - all come back with no help as I'm paying the correct Tarriff. I bought a 3rd part meter reader (EFERGY) programmed with the Scottish Power rates and my bill for today is currently runing at £1.18 usage. I'm on a 2 rate meter (ELSTER 100AC) that gives me a C reading, Rate 1 Readng and Rate 2 Reading. Scottish power say Rate 1 is night, which on the meter is the day rate and Rate 2 is day which infact is reading 1 night rate on the meter. My head is all over the place trying to understand why the billing is so high in a flat which is empty during the day as myself and my partner both work. Im getting nowhere with Scottish Power and the billing is now going up and up and up. Starting to get a little worried, can anyone please point me in the right direction. Thanks and much appreciated!
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