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  1. quick update: Had letter back from court saying that no adequate reason was given..... ok, theres me thinking that maybe an application of appeal would see me in the dock to express my case not to have to submit it with an application of appeal? Seriously considering just letting the friggin arswipes in to take the rest of whats left, everything else of any value has been moved and gone anyway so whats the worst that can happen ? No wonder people give up so quick.
  2. Hi Caggers, last year i got myself into a bit of a pickle. Too many hours at work and a marriage that i couldnt hold together. Dire times. Had to sell the car. Couldnt at the time of sell, find the V5 but i knew that i did have it in a pile of papers. I rang DVLA to ask about a replacement and the following day, i found it. Entered the new owners details into the form and sent it off A couple of days after this, i had to move out. That was that.... OR WAS IT! A few months down the line i took receipt of a letter that stated i was to pay some fine or
  3. http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=164734
  4. so a bailiff can gain entry through an unlocked window and start making a levy on the basis of a penpushers f*ckup... sounds about right
  5. but couldnt he / she argue that access was implied before revoked and therefore a levy was underway? you know what these buggers can be like...
  6. Yep, will get on it. In the meantime though, does anyone know if a bailiff has the legal right to put a foot in the door to stop it closing? If a person slammed the door and the bailiff claimed injury under common law would it not be accepted that he or she knew the element of risk associated with that action?? Your thoughts?
  7. communication has been rather sparse, i drive a bus for a living so only get 45 mins of time during LA open hours and its not always possible to keep on hold and eat a sarnie in the cab of a bus, things were going ok until CSA stepped in and started to take 200 pcm from a limited income. I will however, make a habit of phoning them tomorrow and post back what gets said... thanks for the reply.
  8. Hi guys, my local auth issued a council tax bill which did not show a single person discount, i refused to pay until the bill was corrected. in the meantime i was notified of a summons to which i replied account in dispute and sent LA another letter to remind them to change the info on the bill as it was incorrect. A liability order was issued on the basis that the incorrect amount was not paid. Was the LO issued unlawfully? is it unenforceable? can the bailiff that attended but did not gain access legally charge fees on the basis of the LO that should not of been issued? I have not conta
  9. http://www.wykeradio.org/cag/1.jpg http://www.wykeradio.org/cag/2.jpg I have linked to the paperwork that i have instead of consuming loads of bandwidth here! Knowing my luck its all gone way too far for me to rescue. You thoughts please. Tim
  10. Hi, my wife and kids moved out a while back. The wife managed to get a privately rented property with quarterly billed electric and gas meters. My question is this: Despite the tenancy agreement stating that no interference can be made to the gas / electric services, would she have the RIGHT to change payment type and thus have the meters changed? I assume that the meter(s) in question are the property of the respective gas / electric supplier? She is worried that the kids entertainment is taking too much KWh and is not looking forward to the bill. She is able to manage her mon
  11. yes, 500 rent 1600 C Tax 8800 Car (BR threat) a couple of other small bills for under 80 ish pound Most of the debt comes from having the wife instructing the solicitors to have me removed from the property within 14 days and i had to borrow some silly money to get out before the order came through! This meant that i have had 2 months of effectively, no income whist i tried to get things sorted out. Council tax are still being pains in the arse because they keep trying to charge me £200 for a 5 week stay in a different property and seem to think that this is good value. Tro
  12. Hi, ok, the secured loan was for 8,800 inc of ppi and Gap i will dig out the file later this eve ad post all the info that i have. cheers
  13. Hi, first of all many thanks to everyone who posts here - some great information. Ok, here is my problem. Many years ago, like an idiot, i went to a yes car credit depot in Bristol and allegedly signed a CCA. I didnt think for one moment that i was buying a loan! Anyway, i was made unemployed a year later and defaulted on the payments AFTER hearing that i could not invoke the PPI that was taken with it. I was told that the PPI was obligatory because the payments had to be insured! The car was picked up by the repo team a short time later. I was making payments of ten poun
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