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  1. I'm a bit worried about going down this angle. What would be the stages after doing this? I suspect TFL won't take it lying down and would want to persue through the courts. That is something that I'd rather pay £60 to avoid! I'm not sure the info will come through before I have to respond. So I will prep a letter asking for leniency and hope that your info comes through so that I might understand a little more how I can avoid this PCN on a technicality.
  2. Hmm, interesting. Any other takers? If I challenge the terminology of the PCN am I then opening myself up for being charged £120 should they say I still have no grounds of appeal? The letter is served as 28/09 so I don't really have much time left to ponder. But it would seem that the argument of wrong time, other cars and hoping for leniency would be a futile one?
  3. This is my main concern, the paper work says to follow. But I guess he could argue that he didnt know. I think this guy was a bit of a d!ck to be honest. Playing on the 'i don't know about cars' I had my suspisions after he started going from 'really good condition' to 'you may not want it when you see it so let me know'. I don't want to go to court to be honest as this could get costly for me! more so then the cost of the key I suspect. After I send a letter asking for payment or for him to send it. What are my next steps?
  4. Hi, Could you clarify what an LBA is. On this forum it links to a sponsored pack only. Many thanks. I will post back once I hear back (hopefully).
  5. Hi Bernie, Thanks for the response. Could you elaborate on this a bit more. I'm not sure I understand what the solution is??? Do you mean for me to say - "I'm not paying this because I can't appeal it in 28days"?. So actually arguing over the requirements of appeal rather than the fine itself? Thanks!
  6. Hi MrShed, I haven't put anything in writing. I did however create a receipt note at the time of the sale. Which did have a specific bit about parts supplied. I had the seller sign in two places to cover each part (the goods confirming it will be sold with and of course the cash received). This is essentially the only evidence I have to say what the car was sold with. I have more proof that he was a dubious (he claims 'unknowledgable' seller) and one such thing is text correspondance. I understand that I should write and ask for these items first before 'threatening' (i don't w
  7. Hi guys, As requested: Google map street view of incident: You'll have to excuse me on the PCN images - they are camera shots (couldnt get the scanner to work - sods law!) Image 1 - car 36 seconds after i parked Image 2 - getting out of the car PCN page1 PCN page2 PCN page3 PCN page4 This is everything I have in the imterests of completeness. Looking at the google streetmap view I suspect I have little space for arguing this. In any case I will hope to see what you guys come back with. ForestChav - let me know if you think I should block our ALL the num
  8. Oh, I see what you mean. I did try and call several times initially. And I asked a few people and they thought it was a fruitless ask. So I just didn't chase it. It's been a few months since the sale and only when I decided to replace the key and cover that I found out just how much it cost. The car wasn't a high value car but it was sold with these as part of the deal. Retrospectively I learnt a lot from it (like I should not have left until we either negotiated more money off or he went and found them and two I shouldn't have pressured myself into just completing the sale). Th
  9. I 'll scan the images tonight. I'm not trying to cry 'injustice!' as I realise I didnt help myself. But for me it was a series of instances (wrong clock and vehicles in place) that led me to think it was fine to park there. I went back to the spot and certainly the original sign i was looking at was obscured. but where i then parked i think there is a sign that is a bit clearer. As for FOI - i didn't necesessarily expect drivers details. More just "between 18:20 and 18:35 three vehicles were issued a PCN" then I'll know that theres limited chance of me getting let off. I woudl b
  10. Hi, I realise I might have made this sound confusing. I bought the car privately of a guy who is not a trader or anything. The prices are from a dealership and are just my enquiries. So it would be the guy that I would be 'threatening' with small claims court action and using pricing from the dealership as the base for the amount requested if he fails to provide the missing goods. Hope that helps.
  11. Hello, I bought a car a few months back and part of the sale was for two sets of keys and some covers. The guy never supplied this even though it was part of the sale. I've check with the garage to find out replacement costs as I wasn't going to bother. But now I know the key alone is £180 and the cover £70! That is a significant price in terms of the overall purchase price. What options do I have to try and get these bits or at least the money to replace them back? I was thinking of threatening (in a non-aggressive way) small claims court action. But I don't really know if that
  12. Hello, I recently got sent a PCN for parking on a red route parking spot outside of the time (18:32). The offence was recorded by a camera operator. My problem is that the clock in my car was set incorrectly (after 7pm) and there was already two vehicles parked up. When I saw this I didn't even think about being in the wrong (after all - time was okay and people were also parking in the allocated spaces). Frustratingly I moved from the wide loading spot where i had initially parked to the actual car spot thinking that I would get in trouble for being in the space for delivery v
  13. Hi, To update - I have received a summons on Sat which details all the evidence and my 'interview' with the ticket inspector. There is no reference to the letter I sent back (should there be?) I really want to just pay this and move on from it but I'm now quite concerned as they want my payslips to see if I can pay the fine. Am I obligated to provide this? I will pay the fine and will plead guilty so I don't think it is right to supply this info. I assume that as I now have a summons that an out of court settlement is too late? I would be grateful for any advice on how I ca
  14. Thanks Conniff really appreciate your advice. Will post back on this thread to update in due course. Cheers guys
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