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  1. Dear All I wanted to let you know that there is a way to solve this. I was in the same situation as many people on here, having stupidly paid a £59 arrangement fee for a loan that didn't materialise. The best way to solve the problem is to get onto the Financial Ombudsman. They are away of Wentworth and wrote a letter to them which was followed up by a letter from me. By law such a fee has to be refunded if nothing has been arranged after 6 months have elapsed, and today I have duly received a cheque for £54 (an admin charge had been taken off) which I am more than happy with.
  2. Dear All I wonder if I can resurrect this thread with my own experience. I was in a 6-month tenancy from August to February this year from which I have now moved. At the start of the tenancy I signed a deposit protection certificate, but at no time during the sx months was I told where the deposit was held, because the agent failed to provide me with a copy as required by law. When the tenancy was up I had no idea where the deposit was held. I am now considering filing a claim through Small Claims to see if I can get 3x the deposit back. What do you think are my chances of succe
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