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  1. Dear All I wanted to let you know that there is a way to solve this. I was in the same situation as many people on here, having stupidly paid a £59 arrangement fee for a loan that didn't materialise. The best way to solve the problem is to get onto the Financial Ombudsman. They are away of Wentworth and wrote a letter to them which was followed up by a letter from me. By law such a fee has to be refunded if nothing has been arranged after 6 months have elapsed, and today I have duly received a cheque for £54 (an admin charge had been taken off) which I am more than happy with. Previously I had gone through Consumer Direct but was making little headway, so get in touch with Financial Ombudsman Service. Persistence does pay off in the long run, believe me!
  2. Dear All I wonder if I can resurrect this thread with my own experience. I was in a 6-month tenancy from August to February this year from which I have now moved. At the start of the tenancy I signed a deposit protection certificate, but at no time during the sx months was I told where the deposit was held, because the agent failed to provide me with a copy as required by law. When the tenancy was up I had no idea where the deposit was held. I am now considering filing a claim through Small Claims to see if I can get 3x the deposit back. What do you think are my chances of success? Thanks
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