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  1. Hi First off, thanks for your help! This is what I have: Monthly benefit - £297.82 Premium (including IPT) - £3,000.00 Total Advance - £23,000.00 Then: Cash Price and amount of credit for Protected Payment Premium - £1800.00 Monthly Repayment - £23.54 Rate of interest per month (Variable in the event of change in the First National base lending rate - 0.7930% APR (No account of any variation of the rate or of the amount of interest payable has been taken) - 9.9% Hope this helps, cos I'm clueless! Date of first payment 21st October 2004 Number of monthly repayments - 118
  2. Okie, dokie Have a good night and thanks.
  3. Hi Conniff Don't know if you can make this out? After everything was agreed and before they would release the cheque, First National rang me and asked if I wanted PPI, I said "no, it was an extra burden" but she said, "the money's yours, but you have to agree to the insurance or it wont go through, it's for your own protection", so I agreed at that point, and that was it. Agreement was sent to me, signed it and sent it back then Cheque was in the post in a day or two. Yes, that is their address Conniff, no, no other option was offered to me.
  4. Hi Conniff I'm having a nightmare time to be honest, it's GE Money Home Lending (Trading as First National) I took a loan out with them in September 2004, was paying back £297.00 a month, it's now gone up to £345.19. They've had an absolute bundle off me. When I first enquired about claiming back my PPI, GE Money said, "It's Bespoke the broker you should be contacting", but on my 'Original Credit Agreement' in the Broker box, it doesn't state any third party/broker, it's blank! Top of the page, it states quite clearly "First National Payment Protection". Anyway, to cut a long story short, the FOS said, "we can't help you with this, as we were not the regulators then, neither were GISC". So where do I go now? I really feel desperate now. Thanks Conniff Vonn
  5. Hi 42man Yeah, just the credit agreement. I haven't a clue how to work out the interest charged on PPI's or my bank charges. Vonn
  6. Thanks both for your input, really appreciate it. Hi 42man I have already sent a SAR, they returned me the credit agreement, just don't know what to do next or what else to send. Could you guide me please. Thanks, Vonn
  7. Hi This is a how the summary of my bank charges appear. Total cleared transaction charges - Total Unpaid Charges - Total Unauthorised Charges. The amounts listed under each one of the above, are they the ones I can claim back from my bank? The bank sent me these this morning and also brought to my attention, any charges that were reversed and paid back to you are not included! Do I just add all amounts together, then add the 8% interest to that? I checked one amount of £60 in 2002 and it came to £37.17 interest @ 8% is that right? By each of the amounts, lets say £60, it has a minus sign, would that mean that I went into overdrawel by them taking that amount off me? Thank you, any advice is so much appreciated.
  8. Hi Could somebody explain this to me, as I know very little about this and need some help. I have one ongoing loan with Abbey (Santander) and one dating back to 2002. How do I work out what PPI was added and how do I work out the interest? Vonn
  9. :???:Would anyone happen to know who were the regulators for GE Money in 2004? I urgently need this info, I wrote to the FOS and just had reply after wasting weeks of work, that GE Money did not come under FOS or GISC in 2004. Now I'm really stumped. Cheers Guys. Vonn
  10. Thanks dx! Will do that asap! Cheers Vonn;)
  11. Hi Can I take this matter further or not? Any help is very much welcome. Vonn
  12. Hi I've just rec'd a reply from HFC Bank regarding my 2 accounts which were paid in full in 2003. It states "The bank is not required to provide information under Section 77 of the Act when a loan agreement has been paid in full. We confirm account number: XXXXXXXX closed on March 2003. Please note we have conducted a reasonable search for account no: XXXXXXXX and at the time of request it cannot be located. Details of any account which has been closed over six years will no longer be held on our systems". Can I take this matter further...or not? They cannot find the one account and the other they say, the Bank is not required under section 77, to provide any info. Any help please is very much welcome. Vonn
  13. Cheers both! Very much appreciated. Vonn
  14. Thanks for your reply DX, I've not claimed before, but am gonna try my luck now. I wrote to them asking if PPI had been included in a loan I had with them, maybe 2001/2002 and finished it in 2004. They wrote back and said yes, but I'm not sure if it was attached without my knowing or agreed to, anyhow I did have PPI attached, now they have sent me a questionnaire and are asking - Suitability and Exclusions (a)If your earnings had ceased during the term of the loan, how would you have maintained your regular repayments? That's a tricky question!!! They want it back in 10 days:eek: (5 now, it took 5 days to get to me) Anyhow for now, I just sent off a postal order asking for the original agreement. Any advice welcomed. Vonn
  15. Hi This is my first post, but have looked in many times, very helpful site, but my question is this: Has anyone rec'd a questionnaire from HFC Bank by any chance? If so, how did you fill it in, it asks "how would you have paid us the loan back if you became unemployed"? What sort of question is that! I'm trying to claim back mis-sold PPI from 2001/2002, the thing is if I was forced to have it or be refused the loan, which is the best way to answer the question, any advice please, it's all welcome. Cheers Vonn
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