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  1. Thanks DJ Really, really appreciate this, my head is frying, don't know how you keep up. Well, that's 2 to try for and another 2 to go. Thank you Great stuff! Vonn
  2. Hi DJ It doesn't give any more info, nothing more about the PPI. What now? There are no example of amounts on anything either, only what I have posted. Yikes. Could I send an estimated amount to claim back, I'm sure they'll pull me on it and have their own figures, but reckon ours would be pretty close to it anyway... What say you? Vonn
  3. Hi DJ At the end of all this, any chance of a spreadsheet, to prove how much they owe me and how I worked it out. Lol for once I can appear to have a brain. Thanks DJ
  4. Hi DJ This is what is says on the terms and conditions. If you pay off your loan before the agreement is due to end, you may recieve a rebate of interest calculated in accordance with The Consumer Credit (Rebate on early settlement) Regulations 1983. The relevant details will be sent to you at the appropriate time. I never got a penny, didn't hear from them again! The calculation of the amount payable by you will normally include two months extra interest if this agreement is for a term of 5 years or less and one month's extra interest if this agreement is for a term of more 5 years. Any extra interest payable by you is intended to help us to cover the cost of settling up your loan. We may, however, at our discretion, exclude some or all of such extra interest. Crikey, what a lot of jargon. Vonn
  5. Lol, DJ, that did make happy reading. Here we go, I paid £9,698.39 in full to finish early. I really appreciate this, wish I had your brain, figures are not my forte:sad: Thanks DJ, your a star! Vonn
  6. Thanks patrickq1, appreciate the good advice! Vonn
  7. Here ya go DJ, sorry it took so long. Have done it in 3 smallish one's. See what you think. Thanks Vonn
  8. Hi DJ I was waving, but you didn't see me haha. I have the agreement, but cannot upload it as my scanner is broke, would you happen to know how much rebate I should have had returned on the amount above? What do you think of this, had a letter just this morning from Santander (Abbey) and they said "We have done a search, there was no PPI added to your loan, your monthly re-payments were £146.59, therefore this matter is closed"??? I have the credit agreement on my desk, and it is exactly as I stated in my first post above, and my re-payments were £177.64, what a bloody cheek! Any idea how much rebate to ask for on top of what fmc001 kindly worked out for me? Cheers DJ Vonn
  9. Hi fmc001 Regarding the amount of interest Abbey took from me, the full amount of £4,072.64 (I had no rebate), would I be able to claim back any of that? I paid the loan off in full in 11 months as opposed to 96 months, but they still charged me full interest covering the entire period. Were they right to still charge me £4,072.64 for 11 month period, somebody mentioned I could claim some of that back, what do you think? Anything you can help me with, will be a great help. Thanks Vonn
  10. Thanks so much fmc001, Brilliant. That was quick! Really appreciate it! Thank you! Vonn
  11. I had a loan back in December 2003. I finished the loan by October 2004 I made 11 payments of £177.64 = £1,954.04 What would be the PPI Premium on the above? What would 8% interest be on that, from 28th December 2003 to 4th October 2004? Here are the details: Loan Amount - £10,000.00 interest - £4,072.64 Total Amount Payable - £14,072.64 96 instalments @ £146.59 Monthly Premium - £31.05 Total Monthly Payment - £177.64 x 11 APR - 9.4 Thanks in advance, if anyone can work this out for me, could you please show me on spreadsheet as I need to send off how I worked it out. Vonn
  12. I had no rebate for finishing early either. Is a rebate still claimable too? Vonn
  13. It doesn't state monthly premium? Can I claim the interest back on this one? Thanks DJ - Vonn
  14. Hi DJ Just found my abbey loan agreement, details as follows: Date Loan Taken Out - 04th December 2003 Loan Amount - £10,000.00 Interest - £4,072.64 Total Amount Payable - £14,072.64 96 instalments @ £146.59 Monthly Premium - £31.05 Total Monthly Payment - £177.64 APR - 9.4 However, I did finish this loan early on - 04th October 2004 I had no rebate for finishing early either. Could you work out what I have coming back to me. Cheers DJ! Much appreciated! Vonn
  15. Hi Conniff Any way of finding out who the regulators were for First National (GE Company) in 2004? I have searched, but cannot find anything, I do know it wasn't GISC. Also, the document 'my PPI agreement', is on headed paper as First National - A GE Company. First National tried to fob me off by saying I should contact Freedom Finance or Bespoke, but Freedom Finance just put me in touch with First National, they prob had commission paid to them by First National though, 'at my expense and without my knowledge'. I noticed on my original agreement with First National, the broker box is blank, no signature or third party stamp. Vonn
  16. Sorry to hear of your redundancy, hope your doing ok! Will try and get on with it and add the penalty charge. Thanks for all your help DJ. Vonn
  17. OK, I will be nice Thanks DJ, your a star! Yes DJ, They are bank charges, knew I'd mess up somehow. Vonn
  18. DJ, Could you possibly look at this for me and tell me if I am going in the right direction. Bankfodder, Please Could You Help With This? I have asked, but this has escaped attention somehow, and I've been stuck on this one for weeks. Thanks DJ
  19. You make it look so simple. Thank you so much dj, I really, really appreciate this, I was in such a mess and clueless as to where to begin. Fabulous! I will look around for something cheaper. Should I just send a letter now asking for it to be paid back to me? Can't thank you enough. Cheers DJ!
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