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  1. Hi I have a credit card with abbey/santander dating back to 2007, and have just found out PPI is attached to this credit card. What are the first steps, I sent off for copy of credit agreement, which I now have, but it doesn't state much really. I know the limit on the card was £2,000 The APR was 15.9% (Variable) I know I have had many late payment fees added to this account at £12 a time, but I'm stumped as to working it out. What can I claim back? Can I claim back the interest and late payment fees and PPI? Any advice is welcome.
  2. Could a mod delete this thread for me please. Many Thanks Vonn
  3. Hi DJ How much would the settlement amount be going by Sept 04? Also the 8% on top, Because I don't have a clue. Thanks
  4. Here is the info on the Abbey Loan again dj. Loan Amount - £10,000.00 interest - £4,072.64 Total Amount Payable - £14,072.64 96 instalments @ £146.59 Monthly Premium - £31.05 Total Monthly Payment - £177.64 APR - 9.4
  5. Hi dj Your settlement date was: Nov 04. Settlement figure was £834.77, plus 8% interest. Their settlement date is: Sept 04, so what would the settlement figure be for that? Plus, I need to add 8% stat interest to it. (Which they have not taken into account) Could you do a small spreadsheet which I can produce to them as I am declining their paltry offer, what a cheek! Thanks.
  6. Hi dj Just had an offer from Abbey for £466.79 not £1726.65 that I had hoped for Not sure quite what to do now, they say "This offer consists of £310.00 as a refund, representing the payments made in respect of the PPI from 13th January 2004 (the date that the first payment was taken after your loan was set up on the 06th December 2003) to 13 September 2004 (the date that the last payment was made, when you repaid the loan in full). It also includes £156.29 in respect of interest payable over the same period. The PPI was added to the loan on a monthly basis which meant when you repaid your loan in full on 13 September 2004 only one months premium has been included in the calculation. Then they have a box with the following iformation in: (A) Total monthly premiums from 13 January 2004 to 13 September 2004 = £310.50 (B) Interest1 on (A) to 31 August 2010 = £156.29 © Total premiums + interest (A+B) = £466.79 Do you remember the workout you did for me, (attached) could you just ammend what they are on about and tell me what your total amount is please dj. I just know their figure is not right and their trying to bamboozle me, I don't think they have taken the settlement figure into account either? I would rather go with what you come up with, but don't know how to explain it to Abbey. Attached, is what you worked out from my agreement: Thanks dj. ABBEY LOAN - Charges-calculated - dj.xls
  7. Hmmm, I smell a rat here, is the fact that the broker box is empty the thing I should be going on? It is secret commissions isn't it? I have a letter from GE stating that Bespoke are the one's I should be contacting, despite the company being dissolved. GE has now committed themselves that they did indeed use a broker (Bespoke) unknowingly to me. Obviously GE paid Bespoke a fee, and that fee would be added to my APR, but I was not informed about this, I had no idea this went on behind the scenes, how unlawful is that! Firstly, why should I pay Bespoke, their business was with First National, not me, I didn't know jot about them. By GE adding the charge to my APR, that's how they are able to disguise the fee. I have asked the FOS to check the legalities of my documents, but what should I be doing in the meantime, any ideas? I don't understand how I have 3 CCA's, one green, one yellow and the official white one, broker boxes on all are blank! Surely, that is proof that information was not dislosed to me and that is secret commissions. Any thoughts!
  8. dx Just been looking through my agreements, I have 3 copies: 1 white 1 green 1 yellow The white is the one I posted up for you, the green one and the yellow one has 2 different amounts? One says £20,000 loan and £3,000 PPI, the other says £20,000 loan and £5,400 PPI? What's all that about?
  9. Hi dx Don't know if this helps, but this is an identical version to my agreement, the only difference is, the broker box here had a name in (I got rid of it) and mine is blank. Any thoughts on what my next step should be? Doc_first_national.pdf
  10. No, the FOS had my letters/documents for a few weeks, then wrote to me to say, GE were not regulated by either them or GISC. So, I sent another lot of info last week asking if they would go another route for me i.e. Underwriter/Broker. Vonn
  11. Hi dx Yes, I did send all to the FOS as a formal complaint, I wondered why it said Abbey too. I think it means, that because it's a secured loan and Abbey are who my Mortgage is with. lol. Any idea where to go from here? What do you think about the legality of the form, broker box is empty and there's no evidence of commissions paid to anyone, but GE told me to contact Bespoke? Vonn
  12. Hope this is OK, 3 parts in total. Doc1.pdf
  13. Thanks sweetjane Will take that on board, my agreement is on First National - A GE Company headed paper and broker box is empty, no signature, no stamp. Absolutely no mention of any broker! DX Yes, I do, but my scanner is broke, could take pic with mobie phone and see how it comes out. Please stay close by. Thanks Vonn
  14. Hi ukaviator I haven't quite had the loan 6yrs yet, it's 6yrs this September 4th, does that change what I should use now within the law, or do I still use s.32 of the Limitation Act? What would be my best bet to go for i.e. 'Unfair Relationship' 'Secret Commissions' 'PPI Refund'? Or all 3? I don't know quite what to do. Thanks Vonn
  15. Would the above come under 'Unfair Relationship', could I use that? Sorry, I'm such a novice when it comes to stuff like this. Any help, would really be appreciated. Thanks Vonn
  16. Hi dx I haven't managed to claim a penny yet, from an Abbey loan, GE Money or Bank charges, beginning to feel worn down trying. GE Money are just horrible to deal with. I sent off the amount with added stat interest @ 8%, for £3 151.00, but haven't heard anything yet. In the meantime I've asked the FOS to intervene and check the legalities of my documents i.e. original agreement etc, plus, no info in the broker box suggesting business with broker.. See the FOS turned me down as GE weren't covered by them or GISC, so now I've aksed the FOS to intervene on the underwriter/broker route instead. I knew absolutely nothing about extra fees etc, just thought GE would have paid Freedom Finance whatever amount, cos that was their business arrangement, you know, we pay you to get us custom, never for a minute thought that I would be charged for that, none of this was disclosed to me. Didn't know things like that went on, what a dirty lot!!! Where do I go now, or do I have to wait 8 weeks for a response from GE? Thanks
  17. Hi ukaviator Would you say I had a case against GE Money or Not? You see, GE Money are stating that I should contact Bespoke, who by the way is a dissolved Co. My argument is this: If I am paying the charges, for them (having used a broker) included in my APR, then surely I should have been told prior to any dealings made between First National, Freedom Finance /Bespoke. I knew nothing of this. Because this information was not disclosed to me, then it has to be a secret commission, right? I contacted Freedom Finance, they put me in touch with First National (GE Money) who I had the loan from, now I'm wanting to claim back my PPI because it was mis-sold to me (forced on me) they tell me to contact a company I have never heard of - Bespoke. On top of this, I requested cancellation of the PPI, and they have refused, stating that it must continue until the end of the loan. The way I see this is, GE Money are the ones collecting payment for PPI, (which is not an ounce of good to me, as I can never claim off it), so surely, they must be the ones who have to refund me? I am being forced to continue payment with PPI. Thanks
  18. Thanks ukaviator Could you get rid of my other thread please, put it there just now as I hadn't seen these replies. (it's under the General tab) Thanks. Have calculated the 8% interest, I make it £3151. But GE Money are saying it's down to broker, well, there is no sig or stamp in broker box, it's empty and besides it's on their own headed paper, First National - A GE Company! Should I just keep at them? Do you think it's 'secret commissions', I've never agreed to any third party involvement and wasn't even aware of that fact.
  19. Hi dx Could you tell me your views on this please. Took out a loan with GE Money through Freedom Finance in 2004. Tried to claim back my PPI, but GE Money said I should be speaking with Bespoke, someone I'd never heard of, anyway, to cut a long story short, sent it to FOS. They said nothing could be done as it was pre- 2005. OK, now I go over my credit agreement (I have the original) and get this, Broker box is empty, no signature, no stamp, so, I've gone right through my agreements and there is no mention of Bespoke, anywhere! Now surely, if dealings were done with a company called Bespoke (Isn't that my business and shouldn't I have been told about this?) Not do deals behind my back, without knowledge or consent, especially as it's my PPI and I'm paying the interest on it, and nobody has bothered to mention it to me (the one who's paying) surely that can be deemed as fraudulent? What do you reckon, secret commisions going on or what? Cos, I smell a bloody rat! Also my PPI is quite clearly written on First National (GE Money) headed paper, not Freedom Finance or Bespoke. Thanks
  20. Hi I've just put in a claim for my bank charges, of course, I was turned down as I expected to be. I was advised not to use the term Penalties, but UTCCR instead. Which I did, this is how I referred to it - "The charges are unfair and therefore invalid under theUnfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations". Their reason for turning me down was this: Abbey is saying - "We entered into agreed legal proceedings with OFT 27th July 2007". The outcome means the charges you have complained about do not amount to penalties at common law and so cannot be assessed for fairness under the 'Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations 1999 (UTCCR's). We do not believe there is any legal basis the charges can be challenged. Is there anything left to try? Thanks Vonn
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