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  1. Hi Sorry for posting this new thread,i have now noticed this subject has been covered on another thread. cheers
  2. Hi I ordered 800 cigs from eur-cigs,after a period of about 1 month i contacted them and via there web-site received message from "denise" there customer advisor saying there nothing they could about my order,i have now recieved a letter from uk border agency stating my order has been seized by them,because the cigs were shipped from eu,i thought this transaction would be ok,can anybody help please. cheers
  3. On 19/03/10 Euro-cigs shipped 6 cartons of cigs to me,they say they shipped them individually.After numerous e-mails to them,they have now told me that they cant trace my order,and it seems to have just diappeared,if if has been confiscated by cutoms i thought the would have notified me. Have i any rights on this matter. cheers
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