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  1. This company is pure filth. Their modus operandi is to "milk" as much money as they can from people in need to whom they promise a truck full of lies to get them to sign up. They have absolutely no intention of getting anyone debt free and have no regard for the law whatsoever and believe they can act with impunity. They got away with that for a long time but the tide has turned. I will post a lot of stuff in the coming days and how they "bragged" that they won all their FOS cases. Even after the ombudsman himself found against them they still tried to play childish games in a sill
  2. **************************** JUDGEMENT DAY ***************************** This has arrived, BIG time!! And these dancing clowns seems unable to handle it, they act like a spoiled child throwing his toys out of the pram!! Their reign of impunity has ended and the DO NOT LIKE IT!! Over the next couple of days I will post a lot of detail about the final outcome of the first phase of my action against these people who thought they could rip off people in need to meet their greed so that they can live in luxury and that it will continue interrupted.
  3. I had a a back and throw with them and eventually Aqua did refund ALL the [EDIT] charges plus the correct interest but they refuse the right interest on the [EDIT PPI premiums. They only refunded the small amount of the interest which the premiums incurred for the few days in the month but refused to calculate it in the way that should no premiums not have left the account, which makes a significant difference. That part I send of to the wasted space called the FOS, with them for over a year and still ongoing. On the other hand, RBS refunded eventually all the premiums with correct interest an
  4. huh?!?! All the creditors understand is that they don't get paid!! Should they be aware that there is money available to pay them then one can be sure they will certainly up the pressure to get some money!! The creditors do not know what you are paying these fools, or that you pay them at all, they certainly did not agree to the fact that you can pay into a so-called "pot" at the circus party in Stockport so that these dancing clowns can make a F&F settlement when they eventually wish to do so. The reason why they do not want you to make a lower payment is that they will be
  5. You say they have morals?!? Just show you, one is never to old to learn!!
  6. As stated many times before here and on the rest of the site, doing it yourself is by far the best and most effective way of handling your debts and it is not difficult at all. YOU are in control and can assure that you get every penny back from charges, PPI, etc. You can also make F&F settlement deals very easily, given that you have the means to do so.
  7. You have to remember that their argument is that they keep the money in a pot until they can make a full and final settlement deal. If you have a debt of say £10000 and they make an easily achievable F&F settlement deal of £5000 (could be less, £4000, £3000, etc.), then only £5000 (or less) goes to the creditor and the debt is paid, while you will have to pay the whole £10000 to CCCS and Payplan to settle the debt. If you add their cost and fees then you will have to calculate what you actually pays. For the £10000 debt the 8% is £880 and the 25% settlement fee is £1250, therefore you pay
  8. Also remember that £11000 in a saving account at an interest rate of 3.2% (can get better than 3.2%) is £30 per month in their pocket!! No mention anywhere, ever about these interests!! Therefore it is certainly worthwhile to have all their clients money in the "pot" as long as possible and to have in their as much as possible!
  9. The one thing you have to remember is that their whole strategy is to see how THEY can make the most money out of your situation. They could not give a rats ass whether you gain anything or loose out significantly! For them it is just THEM and the money they can make OUT OF YOU! You have to view everything they say and do from that point of view.
  10. I want to repost what I have started before I was so childish interrupted by the “Thread Police” because I believe it can be very beneficial to anyone involved with this filthy company, FSFools. I will expand on some points because I certainly do not want anyone to be robbing of some info by a “sensible cagger” from something that may, or maybe not, be beneficial to them. I do not post here for my own benefit and I certainly do not have the time (I do have a real life!) to spend all my time here to be able to make on average 20 posts per day for over a year and then to openly canvas for p
  11. I see you are not a member of the site team and I have no obligation to explain anything to you. I have dealt with this company extensively, I believe you haven’t and believe you are completely out of line, especially one that referred to them as morons, double standards, isn't it? I reported that post. You bursting into the thread very recently and throwing your weight around is not helpful and is more helpful to this ‘company’ than to anyone else here. You have no idea of the issues at hand. I will not respond to anything you post because I have better things to do than to
  12. Not accusations, facts and I stated that it has been proven. If proven, then it is facts and not accusations.
  13. You have obvious not experienced the correspondence of this person, it is beyond belief. The lies are proven solidly and she is exposed, nothing wrong with that. It is the person at FSF sending these letetrs that I refer to and it is in the interest of anyone dealing with this outfit to be aware of it.
  14. It seems that FSFools have the habit of NOT sending someone the original documents after they cancelled, even if they request it numerously. Only they would know why but is has probable to do with it containing enough damming evidence of them failing to do their job! If you cancel because of you believing they provide you with a bad service and/or that they miss represent what they intended to do, then it is enough reason that they should not keep a penny of the fees that you paid towards them. Now, if they fail to send the original documents, which is the limited results of their so-ca
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