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  1. Hi Can anyone please provide me with an email address for perfect homes head office or CEO? having major problems with LCD tv thats due to finish in 2 weeks.
  2. whitewidow, did you get this sorted, im in same position had a sanyo LCD tv kept getting a fault so had 3 replacements all sanyo and guess what all same fault, ive had a loaner for the last 5 months, my agreement with perfect homes finishes in 2 weeks with £18 left to pay after 3.5 years at £36 per month. Ive rang the store every week regarding my TV which they say couldnt be fixed but they have no replacements for me. I have 2 weeks left and do not want to be stuck with a scratched old loaner tv yet perfect homes just dont seem to be doing anything at all. Any advice would be great? im
  3. Hi There I have a sanyo 32 inch LCD tv from perfect homes, i am almost atthe end of my agreement with 20 weeks of payments left. Last year the TV started switching itself on and off, not going onto standby, different colours flashing on tv etc. I reported it to perfect homes who then replaced it with what seemed to be a brand new TV whilst mine was sent for repair. I assume mine couldnt be repaired as they never came back to swap over again. however just before xmas 2011 the 'new' tv started to do exactly the same, it was the same make and model. Again i contacted perfect home
  4. Hi Rebel Thanks for that, basically it was due to them seperating she started using her maiden name again, so the majority of her bills have been swapped over to her now maiden name. Im just worried the police will turn up at the door , i dont want to worry her while she is away so we arent going to tell her anything at the moment as she is in her 70's and dont want to cause her any undue stress Im just worried she is going to be in alot of trouble even though it is genuinely her maiden name.
  5. Hi There Im hoping someone can help me urgently. My Gran took out a catolouge with naturally close under her maried name. She then seperated with my grandad and took out 2 further catologues with JD williams reverting back to her maiden name after seperating with her husband. She is abroad vising family at the moment until mid january and my grandad is looking after her house. Yesterday someone from jd williams called to speak to her, when my grandad advised she wasnt here they asked who he was he gave his name and they then looked something up on the computer and said
  6. Hi Guys Back in july i took out a loa for £80 with Mini credit, they only actually paid £65 into my bank i never received a contract from them and cant actually remeber giving an electronic signature. However when i logged on a few days before repayment to check the account i noticed that they had my repayment date wrong so i rang them and asked if they would change the date to 2 days later, the girl refused and said if the amount wasnt taken from my card on the date they held on account then i would be charged £100!!! she was so unhelpful i was willing to pay back the £100 2 days
  7. hi s4ddys Yeah i emailed them yesterday i found an email address online for the supposed manager or CEO and have demanded a response by close of business friday. Lets just see if it comes, ive also filled in their online FAQ form so waiting on a response from that. Do you know if they can still debit funds using just my acc no and sort code? My bank is aware i have been the victim of fraudsters and they did say no one could debit my acc this way but ive heard of it done before
  8. hi did you manage to get their bank details as im also looking for them or for someone high up to email? Ty
  9. Hi Guys I have a £100 loan with Mini credit which i was more than happy to pay back at the end of this month, However when i logged on to get contact details to change my card i noticed that they had my repayment date as 27th July instead of 29th July (obviously a typing error on my part) I rang them straight away to tell them the date was wrong and asking if they can change it to 2 days later on the 29th July. The lady said no they cant change the date and i will have to pay £50 to roll over the loan, i said i dont want to roll it over i want to pay in full but on the 29th July not
  10. Yeah definately del boy I always use this site for any issues I have it's brilliant & can't thank people enough for all the advice I've recieved regarding pdl and other issues
  11. Hi Guys well i have repayment plans with WDA & QQ had others but ive paid them all off now. I havent missed a payment with the other 2. What the police are thinking as that maybe a fake payday loan websites been set up and you apply and BANG you have given all your personal details to someone. Needless to say when i challenged them after going to police and reading all the info on here and other sites soon as i mentioned the word POLICE they kept hanging up. Its a shame no one can get to the root of this as their tacticts are disgusting ,, i was going to lend the mon
  12. Hi im posting this message for any one who may have been contacted by this bunch of bullies calling themselves IMS please take a look at this website may put your mind at rest and whatever you do DO NOT PAY them anything or GIVE OUT ANY DETAILS chedck out a few other posts on here but also look at this link to who calls me http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/02088199824/2
  13. Hi guys me again just had another phonecalls from them asking if I was making payment I said no & tried to get more info about them he somehow has my bank account number. He says that a law enforcemnt office will be hand delivering papers to my home address and work address. I told him I have been to the police and he put the phone down I called back and asked him exactly who I'm supposed to owe money too and he said just wait 4 the papers getting delivered tomorrow. Once again I said I've already been to the police & he said that's nice and put the phone down again. Tried to ring agai
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