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  1. Hi Dawn2011 The next stage is that they will you which debt agencies they accept and the agencies will try to increase your amount. You can try telling them that you are paying as much as you can do and that if you were to pay any more it would put your other credit agreements at risk. Apart from that I would start by claiming bank charges. Start by doing an info access request - MBNA do provide details of some of the phonecalls that they have made but only a small fraction of the ones that they have done. Make a record of all of their phonecalls. When you get the records
  2. Thank for the info I am reading through it at the moment. Although I do have an agreement it was for a previous card which then became a MBNA card so I don't have any terms and conditions from MBNA so I am not sure what to do.
  3. Hi I am making a reduced payment. MBNA agreed this in writing but their call are still calling regularly.
  4. Hi I am due to go to court re harassment from Santander - they are claiming that the only reason that they have kept phoning, and also contacting former work places is because I have not been picking up the phone to them. I have done so but as I am not working at the moment, but looking for work, I cannot pay the amounts that they are asking for. Where does this stand legally.
  5. If you can get that admission on record, we could help you. You need to install a call recorder and then call them again and see if they will say the same thing. Never, never, ever do business on the phone with these people without recording your calls. Now you know why. Hi I have copies of their phone records and my own phone records. I also have a letter from the Ombudsman saying that they have broken the data protection act by storing details of third parties and contacting them but I am still having problems with MBNA - I have to court very soon about this and wou
  6. Hi I have now been to court. The Clydesdale bank sent a barrister who served me with papers asking for a stike out 15 mins before the trial. When I complained to the barrister about the late delivery of papers I was told that they had emailed me a copy of the paper (only my bank has never had my email address so this was not possible). I am going to scan in the documents and upload the barrister's defence so that anyone going to court knows in advance the cases that the barristers will use to stop the case from going ahead - it is pages long. As I pointed out to the Judge I n
  7. Hi I am going to court against the Clydesdale Bank later this month for bank charges which were added after I had notified the CB that I was not working and also provided them with confirmation from the CAB debt center that I was not working. However, they ignored my letter and kept adding charges. I am now also claiming charges back on the basis of them being unfair under the terms in consumer contracts regulations 1999 Reg 5 not 6. Like yourself I owed only 7 but now have a "debt" of over 1500. Can let you know how I get on at court and also what defense they offer if that wou
  8. Hi Where on the forums did you find the template - I couldn't see any in the normal letters section? Thanks
  9. Hi Sorry to hear that you are getting harassed by MBNA. I too am being harassed by them and have appointed a solicitor to try to get them to behave. I'll post a copy of the letter on harassment online when my solicitor writes it so that at least it will not cost you anything to put in a claim for that. MBNA keep phone records. If you do a data request they will send you proof that they have called you and when they called you etc. Their records do not appear to include all of the calls that they have made but the number of calls that they make is so excessive that my solicitor has s
  10. What good news! They are now charging £40 for a letter. I have sent them a letter reclaiming letter charges but will follow it up with a threat to go to court - which I am prepared to do.
  11. Hi After going to the CAB and creating a budget, it was recommeded that I offer Barclaycard £5 per month. I made the offer and have made payments of £5. However, Barclaycard are demanding a minimum of £200 per month when I am not working, have defaulted me and passed my details to Mercers. Mercers are charging a much higher rate of interest than Barclaycard. As I do not have a contract with mercers do I need to pay their interest rates? Also, what can I do with Barclaycard as I have asked them for 6 months interest free and will pay them more than the minimum when I have it.
  12. Hi I have an agreement with MBNA that they will accept a token payment of £7 per month for the next 6 months. However, despite them agreeing to accept this payment (in writing) and me always making that payment on time they have written to say that they will default me. Can they do this when we have a written agreement and I am keeping to my side of the baragain? What can I do about this? I have sent them a access request, recorded delivery, but they have ignored this.
  13. I now made a data access request for this account but have not been able to get it. What I have had is a letter from MBNA saying that they have not gathered the information from the credit card but as a result of a phonecall made to them. Although this is not correct, even if there had been a call it would have been made by my friend and not me. MBNA have said that they have the right to collect any phone numbers used to make payments on this account under section 13a of the contract that I signed. I still have the original contract. 13a allows them to collect any details of any calls
  14. Hi They tracked her via her bank cards - they are administered by the same company. In their letter they admit having contacted her via her phone - but she changed tel numbers after that date so it is not possible so it had to be via the cards. They asked her to get in touch with me and get me to contact them as I had missed a payment on my credit card. Another one pointed out that she had paid me £10 direct into my account and asked if she would be willing to pay more as there was money outstanding on the account. They also left several messages just saying that I should get in to
  15. Hi Rebel Haven't claimed for penalty charges yet - have just sent them the first letter asking for a statement - they still have 4 weeks to reply in.
  16. Hi I have been receiving phonecalls from MBNA daily for the past couple of months. They have even called one of my friends - tracking her down as she made a payment into my account with her bank card. MBNA have admitted in writing that they have done this and have offered to delete her details from my account. They have offered to pay my friend £50 compensation (should she accept this) and have not offered to pay me anything. Does anyone know how much I would be entitled to claim for in a small claims court? I have a log of calls that they have made to me (and emails) as well as calls
  17. Hi Can you claim compensation for MBNA breaking the data protection act, telecommunications Act, electronic communications act, and communications act or is that not possible? Thanks
  18. I have a letter, which was sent to my friend, which she will allow me to use. It confirms the date when they got the details from the card and also confirms that they took the data from her bank card with a promise that it won't happen again - but they have still continued to call her after she received the letter. Verbally, one of the callers claimed that they took the details from a phonecall made to make payments - but it is a new phone number - BT can prove this - so this is not possible.
  19. Last year, as I could not meet up with a friend to collect £10, I suggested that she paid the money directly into my credit card - an Abbey credit card administered by MBNA. This year, as I could only make reduced card payments, MBNA started calling her and asking her to get me to call MBNA as I had not made the full payment to my account. She has given them my telephone number. I have told them to contact me in writing only. They are still calling her at least 4 times per week asking to speak to me even although I have never lived at that address. She asked the caller how they got her de
  20. The NHS will provide amalgym free fillings for front teeth but not back - even although the guide on NHS Choices says that they do provide white fillings if it is the recommeded treatment by your dentist. From my experience, it will be very hard to persuade your PCT to pay for non amalgym fillings in back teeth and they will send round a dental team from the PCT to persuade the dentist to withdraw their recommendation for treament. My PCT insisted that I accept a crown (which they would pay for) rather than a white filling which they wouldn't.
  21. Try looking at the National Cancer Action Team website (NCAT) it run by Sir Mike Richards.
  22. Hi Her local PCT has a duty to provide her with a dentist. She should contact them and ask to speak to someone from dental commissioning. They will have the most up to date details of who is taking new patients. No point in using NHS Direct - they only use the info from NHS Choices and that is not normally up to date.
  23. MBNA phoned one of my friends and asked them to pass on message that they wanted to talk to me about my credit card. They admitted to her that they had traced her because she had transferred money into my account via her bank cards (Abbey bank cards) rather than just give me money next time we met - they had stored her card number then got her details from Abbey. Calls to both herself and me have been numerous. Have complained to FSA about both Abbey and MBNA. MBNA have admitted doing this (when speaking to my friend) and have explained how they did this to my friend. Meanwhile, I a
  24. Contact your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) - you will find them listed under your local Strategic Health Authority and sometimes in Yellow Pages. Ask to speak to the Dental commissioner - they have a list of dentists and also investigate complaints and will be able to respond quicker than PALS as they hold the purse strings. Ask to be examined by the Chief Dental Officer for your area - that will give you an explaination of what is wrong with your teeth independently. Also register your complaint with the Dental commissioner and also with PALS - that way they have to investigate it for you
  25. Hi I used to work for a PCT. PALs will be able to help you but they can take time. The shortcut is to phone up your local Primary Care Trust (PCY) (you will find it if you google Strategic Health Authority - choose the one for your area and it will tell you where your PCT is) and ask to be put through to the Dental Commissioning department. Ask to speak to the Dental Commissioner and tell them about your problems - get a reference number for your complaint. The Dental Commissioner holds the purse strings for all dentistry in your local area so will tell you where you stand re dentistry. Th
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