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  1. Holy sh!t!! The vile posts coming my way just because I dare to oppose the disgruntled posters!! Wow, I now want 2 things - a thicker dick & for welcome finance to screw you're emaciate arse's so you never borrow money you can't afford to pay back Have kids you can't afford, let the tax payers pick up the bill & post Kerry katona as your inspiration name calling is so childish, shame it's decended into this but with little intelligence you offer I guess it's inevitable
  2. Ahh leelakey, the voice of a dissatisfied youth. I guess your brain has somehow decided that unless everyone agrees with you then they MUST be a staff member of welcome finance I actually work as a resource planner for RAC auto windscreens (now sold by Aviva and bought by a german parent company re-branded as 'auto windscreens') If that's the best insults you've got then I suggest you sharpen your wit by watching Brass Eye. I would even list my work tel no but what do I have to prove to a dude like you? Jog on
  3. That's harsh Maka, what's the interest rate? And the type of loan? It's irrelevant really I guess. I guess the bottom line is the responsability lies with the customer & not the loan company. Morally, well that's a different story. Have you sought advice from CAB? Wish I could help mate but I'm just like yourself really :-/
  4. Borrowing to a degree is important but borrowing at 69%? I hope your not justifying that? If so then I'll be shocked. However I would never argue that being treated badly is acceptable. My points are valid. Want proof? Look at the economy! That is the result of greed from both lenders & borrowers. Glad they have scrapped 110% - even 125% morgages. Don't you think that's obscene? From both parties? If people only borrowed what they could afford (I accept there are exceptional circumstances btw) then companies like welcome & provident wouldn't exist. I may have inferred i
  5. I should bail out of this whilst the going is still good. I bet I'm the only person that has ever come on here and dare air my veiws that are not the general consensus. I have no agenda, I'm a customer of banks & financial institutions as you are. Guess the difference is I'm taking some form of responsibility by admitting I was at fault to allow myself to be charged high interest through my actions. My father wouldn't have done it and that's because he comes from an era of you can't have what you can't afford. If we still had that old fashioned opinion this forum prolly wouldn't exis
  6. Essex boy - can you pls show my post where I have said welcome finance are great? That kind of post shows me that your not interested in a discussion, you have an axe to grind and will make stuff up to further your arguments. Trying to put my points forward in regards to over extending amd your posting rubbish like that
  7. Hi beyond hope how long was your loan for? So they charge you (& everyone) £120 per year for texts? No matter if your in arrears or not? I'm a skeptic by default and won't believe anything that sounds outrangeous without some kind of proof (like religion) If you can scan your terms & conditions stating they charge £120 per year, every year for the duration of the loan then not only will I sincerly apologise, but I will also personally write to the FSA
  8. The fact I've sourced a loan from a high finance company means I've been a bad lad yes and yes I did miss some early payments. I got sick of their contact and now I pay everything which means going without some luxuries that others deem their standard living costs like a car, smoking, socializing & having children. I'm not saying you shouldn't (not you essexboy) but at some stage we have to take responsability for our application for monies we can no longer afford to pay bag whilst still enjoying the luxuries listed above I know gonna get lynched for these posts as this is a collect
  9. So let me get this correct - you pay, never missed a payment? Never in arrears? Meet all the terms and conditions and they treat you like dirt? So when thy call you they say what? Hi, I'm calling from welcome finance - just want to say thanks for paying? Hmmmm. Surely these companies only contact you when you DO default? It makes economic sense not to plow resources into 'customers that are paying without default' and chase the ones that are facing difficulties? As for the banks - yes they have dropped the ball and as a result we are all paying for it but back to my original post, d
  10. Essex boy - so you've kept all your loans up to date and they treat you like dirt? I have a loan with a dodgy company and now I'm meeting all requirement I don't hae anything to do with them apart froma statement that said I totally agree with you about being up front & early settlement figs. Your right about that mate. All the best
  11. No, I'm not talking about legitimate complaints and i have read a few, but it seems not one person is taking some form of responability for their loans? Firstly it's important to understand what your signing. If your inexperienced or unsure them it's a must to seek some form of financial advice, be it Citizens Advice, legal help or even a family member to advise you. Most don't as they only want one thing and that's the cash. Don't take my post personal, it just angers me when all I hear abou on the news & in the press about the city this and the city that but not once do I hear anyo
  12. I think the point he's making is that many people who have sourced credit blame anyone & everyone bar themselves for over extending themselves & doing little to resolve the issue. It's not a welcome finance thing but a financial institutional thing. Everyone must take their share of responability but it's seems few do on this forum. Before you all start a witch hunt that I am a representive of some financial company than sit down & don't bother cos I'm not. I've been hit by high APR, redundancy & ill health but with luck & commitment I'm getting myself out of it. It's
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