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  1. Hi Back in 2007-8 i took out a loan for 2,500 with welcome finance and after many struggles paying the loan due to personal circumstances I asked for the payment plan to be re-arranged to something more manageable for me they said that was fine and would send out a new contract, but this never came. What did come was a claim form from the courts which i filled in and sent back with an offer of a repayment i could afford, this was accepted and was ordered to pay Irwin Mitchell solicitors the said amount every month. I emailed Irwin Mitchell asking them for details to pay by standing or
  2. Hi there was just wondering how you were getting on with this as I too have received a letter off LRC with regards to a loan i had off welcome finance Hope you get this sorted out quickly
  3. yes you are right it is a small family run business. The written warning had a time frame of 6weeks .
  4. Yes the foreman does produce more pieces per week but only a few more and has lots of mistakes. As for a contract my partner has said that he has never had a contract as he was taken on after completing an apprentiship 12years ago. yes he has had a one written warning and increased productivity which has been kept up. The company has not changed hands. Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated
  5. Hi thanks for the quick reply The person he is being compared to is classed as his foreman (there is only the two of them that make the furniture) who is being paid double what my partner is. Sorry i dont get what you mean bt piece worker. He has been given a written warning about a year ago for the same thing but his rate of work has never changed since then.the furniture he makes is hand crafted made to order side units,dining tables and chairs. and he works from 8:30 til 5 monday to friday
  6. My partner has been told by his boss today that if he doesnt start producing more work then he will be given the sack!My partner is a cabinet maker by trade and has been at his place of work for 12years and works 40+hours a week for minimum wage. My question is can his boss sack him just for not doing enough work even though he is working?
  7. Was wondering if anybody could tell me what the correct situation is with temperature within the work place? A friend of mine works in a work shop, where they make hand made furniture, which is open space in an old work shop. The building is not very well insulated has one big heater and the employer has been and brought a couple storage heaters for them to use, the workshop is full of stainless steel equipment. This morning my friend and other employees switched on the big heater for bout an hour to warm the workshop up, as it was around 3degrees in there. About an hour ago they had the
  8. Hi there I am still having trouble with my gas bill, have been to CAB but they weren't very helpful. So I was wondering could I work out how much I should have paid in total over the past 12 months. I have worked out so far that we have used 7167units (current read - opening read) is this about right for a terraced 3 bed flat/maisonette, we only have CH, Hot water and Hob that runs of gas.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply I have spoken to my OH and when he was with his ex partner she had a nintendo wii put on to his account so he is paying for that aswell but he says that they increased the payments when this was put on. After reading through the agreement i have found that homebuy have put nearly £1700 on to the cost of the tv for optional maintenance cover which was never explained or asked for. Do you think it would be a good idea to SAR homebuy as we dont have the original agreement for the wii?
  10. Hi thanks for replying. Yes we have the original agreement, it states on there that he should be paying for a total of 156 weeks commencing on 2nd June 2008 but nothing about an end date.
  11. Hi Not sure if i am posting in the correct place apologises if im not. My OH purchased a TV through homebuy in May 2008 with the agreement starting on 2nd June and lasting for a total of 156 weeks so the agreement he signed should be ending June 2011. However after myself going through the statement they sent I have realised that they have extended the agreement to 309weeks effectively making it so that it does not end until June 2014. As far as my OH is aware he has never received no notification of the extension and they are still collecting the same amount in the monthly payments
  12. Hi there as stated in the original post our landlord phoned utility warehouse and set up the account on our behalf and gave them meter readings the day we received the keys. I afraid that i cant put copies of bills up as i don't have a scanner. The problem may have sorted itself out now i gave them a meter reading for electric but deciderd to checkit against the estimated readings UW are still using and have discovered they have over estimated our electric by approx 2000 units,
  13. The thing is i was under the impression that she would of had to cancel the joint claim and then submit a new claim as a single person so would of had to give new bank details etc, and also there was 2 years between the split and my OH having the money paid in surely it would of happened every year if that were the case?
  14. Hi this is on behalf of my OH. My OH had a claim for WTC and CTC with his ex,when they split he told her to stop the claim and claim as a single person which he presumed she had done as he stopped getting the money paid into his account. however 2years later when she renewed her claim he had approx £100 paid into his account from HMRC. He phoned his bank to en-quire why he has received this but was told it was for his ex. He then phoned HMRC to find out why its gone into his bank account and not to her and they told him its because those are the details they had on the claim. She has bee
  15. I thought he might be as well! My landlord actually is a partner of an estate/ letting agents and has leased the property above ours and they have been told this as well!
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