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  1. Hi A rather long winded issue that i'll try to keep as short as possible with valid content. I moved into my Wifes house September last year, at the same time i combined this with a job starting in November working from home - i'm in IT so used to doing most things remotely. Only option for the estate (new build, 8 years tops) was to go with a BT line. Very quickly it dawned that a service was going to be poor. I went with BT at the time as i figured it was the horses mouth scenario instead of piggybacking. The best i got for a month or two was 800kbps (quoted 2-4mbps), i had x3 engineers out and finally managed to get to a peak of 2.4 in June\July but by that point i'd given up with BT and its overseas que card system then call a support desk. I then swapped to Daisy Business Broadband in November this year with the promise of a fast connection moving onto LLU broadband and as it was a business it would be pretty much uncontended ! Well the best i've managed so far was 2.2 (less than BT) and its currently sync'd at 1.7. My question is ? Are there any grounds to pursue through a relevant body that the broadband or BT infrastructure in my case is not fit for purpose ?, The national average is apparently 6mb and no doubt this is entirely brought down by the BT infrastructure because Virgin are running at 40-100mb. For the average to be 6mb a substantial amount of the population must be below that. I have been told my cabinet is full and that i took the last "pair" to troubleshoot my line initially so can i move cabinet or have it requested. Just for reference my cabinet is Keighley. I actually lost the job that i started then just after xmas because of all of the issues - it was not a good time. Ian
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