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  1. This seems to get better and better. I have been in touch with Amazon and as it stands my problem is with TechNextDay as the contract is between my self and them, however,................,looking at the Amazon Participation Agreement, Amazon state that only the money paid can be returned and nothing else! In essence, this means that Amazon are telling all their sellers that it is ok to break the DSRs using their site and there is no need to refund any postage for the return of faulty items!!!! The DSRs have been around for 10 years.......how much additional money has this made Amazon and its
  2. Thanks for that but I think you miss the point. I am sure, under the Distance selling Regulations, that I am entitled to ALL my costs being refunded when returning faulty items. Amazon appear to be breaking the law when they state that the refund of postage costs when returning faulty items is optional!
  3. Hi, Bought a router through Amazon. Router kept dropping connections after about a couple of hours. Returned the router and obtained a refund for the router cost, however, Amazon refuse to refund the postage costs I incurred. I was under the impression that I should not be out of pocket when returning faulty goods? Any advice/comments would be appreciated
  4. If you read para 117 the judge states that he would have had no hesitation in granting an award even if no loss was apparent. He then quotes figures from previous cases which make my £4,500 look like a bargain! What is a 'CF'?
  5. I don't quite understand. There have been a few cases where injury to credit rating have resulted in damages. Richard Durkin v DSG Retail being a fairly recent one, in particular paras 115 and 117. When I said that CISAS found in my favour, this was because Pipex actually admitted that there was NO upgrade and the cancellation charge should not have been applied
  6. No, they never took it off in the first place!
  7. Not sure if this is the right thread.....but.....her goes. I was with Pipex in late 2008 and asked to upgrade my package. After waiting ages....I never got the upgrade. I then asked for a MAC code to move my connection to another provider. Never got that either. They then charged me 12 months subscription for cancelling my account. I complained and they would not budge. I took my complaint to CISAS and they found in my favour on all counts. I thought this was the end of it....until yesterday when I received a threatogram from Fredericson DCA asking for the full payment of the 12 months!
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