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  1. dont go near sky there a nightmare they listed my ex directory detail then billed be for a mouth before they em installed me aparently there billing system is a time machine and they can go backwards in time
  2. your be luck i thort the same thing to i dont a bit of research and found that oftel had told mobile companys to pack it in taking the **** with no geographical call but t mobile tryed to be clever and treble the cost of some of the no geographical numbers near to the price of a premium rate line
  3. its a [problem] they scamed me the same with a 0844 number when i had to ring while i was without a land line. charged 40 ****ing quid fir two phone calls they well they tryed to but they can feck off they aint getting it just thort it was funny when i called them. there just **** like most other companys they hold you to it in my case i dont give a monkeys no more screw the lot of em i dont want any carp phone companys **** service no more and they can go to a running jump they can sue me they do what they like but ill never pay there rip off crap again and wil
  4. they have admited i did in write/email and i recorded em admitting even if i hadn't asked they have to ask weather i want it ex directory or not yet they still refused to renumber even when i asked cost if i payed they still refused to renumbern me
  5. shame sky don't seem to understand that and no-longer have a customer for refusing to re number after admitting there mistake and it is still an issue as they have relised my address with out my concent into the public domain. the information commissioners office seems to think there is an issue and there has been a breach of the data protection act. do you work for sky ? as you seem very protective of them in your posts.
  6. well i have just checked and 192 good to there word they have removed it from there database can anyone advise on seeking an injunction to force sky to remove it ? anyone done similar
  7. the order was mad via the phone http://www.192.com have confirmed in writing that they will be removing the entry. yet sky are still acting dumb and obstructive. they admit the the mistake but refuse to change number or remove details from osis bt osis had confirmed it not a problem to remove it but it has to be done but sky i was still in the cooling off period and have canceled in writeing so the minim contract term dose to apply
  8. update bt refuse to remove the entry and claim sky has too i did not mention that we have found this even more distressing, because were previously was a victim of a failed letter bombing attack. thankfuly that one went to an old address. thanks to sky anyone else that want to try wont have any trouble finding the right address now.
  9. sky have totally violated my privacy so much so i feel i need to move home now as a very much value my privacey. i recently changed from cable to sky what a mistake that was. taking a large hd package telephone and broadband and as a value my privacey i aksed for ex directory only to find out to day im listed in the phone book sky have refused to change my number so left me not choice but to cancel the phone and broadband as im still in cooling off period to make it even worse i have just found out my personal details are plastered over Search for People, Businesse
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