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  1. A loooong time ago, I had a PAYG phone with Orange. About Christmas 2013, I received bills for it. Since it was purely PAYG, I complained to them. Orange insisted I had signed a contract with them -the store they claimed I purchased it at had never heard of me or had any of my details. They could not produce any contract of any sort and I told them I would not pay their bills for a PAYG phone unless they could do so (which of course they couldn't). Roll forward to April this year. I received a letter stating that EE sold my account to Lowell Portf
  2. Just to bump this up to catch up.... I got quotes of between £150 and £200 for hard drive,installation and labour. I've Put in a MCOL claim against Oik the Offender -it was acknowledged as having been served on 14 May, so I think I have until 28 May-is that correct? Have not heard a pip in the way of defence from the other side at all.
  3. Good news! The computer has returned from its travels minus the hard drive -and apparently the CPS has an area on their site that I can use to submit a claim for compensation from Oik the Offender as a civil claim.
  4. Not sure if this is in the right forum,I'm sure it will be moved if not Last year, some charming specimen of humanity hacked my computer and downloaded a virus which filled it with child porn and then remotely took pictures of it. They then demanded money or the pictures would be sent to the police. I reported everything to the police and he was tracked down, arrested and charged in July was sent on a nice 5 1/2 year holiday as a guest of Her Majesty. After the case, the computer (which had been seized as evidence) should have been returned to me -however the polic
  5. Having read this through,it's apparent Peopod's difficulties are because Vodafone are doing exactly what they said they would- 'we won't discuss it,contact us again and we won't reply to you'.Vodafone simply will not reply to anything,like they said. Because Vodafone said if you tried to contact them,they would not reply Because Vodafone said if you tried to contact them,they would not reply Because Vodafone said if you tried to contact them,they would not reply Because Vodafone said that if you contacted them,they would not reply Because Vodafone s
  6. OK Shoe Zone have not it seems been authorized yet so I still can't see the comments they posted-and there's no sign of the boots having been returned as requested...
  7. Has this been authorized yet?I've had a reply asking me to consider their comments on 'Customer Reaction Group' [sic] and it's a bit difficult if I can't see them
  8. * Bought some pixie boots from Shoe Zone in January for £20.Been buying them for the last 3-4 years as they proved to be strong and resilient-I'm a LARPer and these beauties have been through mud,rock,fields,all sorts and lasted over a year before having to be chucked.Each time,I've replaced them and never had any problems-hell I danced on a bonfire in them and they lasted another 8 months after. * This last pair didn't.By early April,the stitching had pulled off on one of the boots and so the upper skin had started to rip away and when one piece had started to go,the whole lot started ri
  9. Since B&Q don't seem to be making any attempt to reply,it might be worth using their Facebook page to post a short summary of what's happened..Since they post things on there each day,there is a good chance someone will at least reply to it-and if not,it's been displayed in a public place so other people can see.A post telling how they left your kitchen unsafe,refuse to supply the goods you have ordered and paid for and not replied-even from the CEO-would not be good for business,and will hopefully kick someone into action...
  10. Nope,it's India since he's talking about lakhs and rupees and the Base Station is in Pune,India. The names are Indian,but then that doesn't mean anything these days with call centres...
  11. Hi guys,hoping someone can help me escape the torture that is Tesco Broadband. In short: February-transferred over to Tesco Broadband for broadband and phone. mid-March-broadband disappeared.Rang to ask what had happened and was told it was my line had been disconnected for nonpayment of bill.Pointed out I was actually calling on the 'disconnected line' and was told they would have to investigate. end of March-was told broadband had been cut off in error.However,was told instead of reinstating it,it would have to be set up as a whole new order,despite my protests that all it needed was the b
  12. Psychical damage? Call in the ghostbusters! Someone's been damaging it telekinetically!
  13. Hi folks-moved into a new place just before Christmas.There was a BT line already in existence and I decided I wanted to go with Tesco Homephone and was promised this would be done after Christmas.When I returned after Christmas hols,sure enough the line was now up and running and had new number.However it wouldn't connect to the Internet,so I contacted Tesco to see what the problem was. And that's where the fun begins.Tesco do not have any trace of me as one of their customers. BT do not have any trace of me as one of their customers. Having checked with the operator,they are showing it as a
  14. OK guys,a rather unusual one here. I was travelling on a FGW train from Exeter-Cornwall. Just before Plymouth station, the cleaner came through the train asking for any rubbish to be collected. As I hadn't got anything that needed to be taken, I just said No and went back to my book. I turned back in time to see him taking a paper bag out of my holdall which was on the seat next to me and throwing it into the sack. I yelled at him to stop but it was too late-it had been put in there . By then,people were getting up to get up at the station, and he got to the do
  15. Got a letter from Westminster(nope,never heard of them either) threatening me with 'we may take legal action','we may send doorstep collectors''this may affect your ability to gain credit in the future'... as the amount on my account overdue(doesn't even say what it's for) is.... ONE POUND. Let them take me to court-I'd love to see the judge's face at legal action for that.I'm sure I could pay off the debt in full there and have enough left for a choccy bar on the way home... Anyone else had ridiculously small amounts of debt?Since it cost them almost as much as the t
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