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  1. Hello, I wonder if anyone is able to clarify as I can’t seem to get a definitive answer online. Due to my children’s earnings I no longer receive any HB OR CT benefit, would I need to inform DWP as I receive ESA? Is this a change in circumstance I need to report? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  2. I'm sorry to be a pest, I'm only 17 and a bit at a loss what to do. The Tribunal Hearing is this Wednesday, I'm thinking its to late to write a letter requesting a postponement? Thanks for the replies.
  3. As I've stated, she isn't in a fit state, and her WRO that had agreed to go with her can't as they have given her such short notice (5 days) as she is the only one in our area.
  4. Lone ranger thanks for your reply, this is her Tribunal it was rescheduled from her initial one which she attended, but has gone downhill since then. So it's her tribunal is isn't attending I'm afraid. This has been ongoing since March 09, and Mum has given up...
  5. Hello All, Mum has over the past 12 weeks been passed for Incapacity Benefit. Her re-scheduled appeal is Wednesday this week. She will not go - nothing I can say will make her change her mind she is particularly at a low, not even taking her medication its awful. Her Doctor's papers arrived (which are completely useless). I'm going to call the Appeals people and explain she is too unstable to attend, there is no choice. Can I ask, what will happen? Will it be heard in her absence? Will this affect her current benefit (which is not due for revising until July next year) Th
  6. I think im at the point of giving up. im also now in the process of claiming IB (due to being ill advised over a year ago) sent back my IB50 and of course now am due for my medical for IB, I just dont know how much of this I can take. Its never ending I just cant see any light..
  7. Thanks once again for all your kind words. This morning, the dictation of the Tribunal was sent to me, and its left me a bit angry, I dont know if its the right way to feel or if im confused about the reason I put myself through it. Was I there to appeal the report and the reasons I got 0 points? Or to be asked why I dont get help or why I switched benefits? I actually dont know how to word what I want to say. I contacted WRO officer and she is now saying she is prepared to attend with me, im seeing this as a bonus she has offered to come and visit my home (as she knows I
  8. Hello Erika, Im going to take my sister she comes in 4-5 times a week. Putting my Son through the Tribunal is something I wont do, I just cant. My sister has obviously known me all my life and can call on episodes over my depressive period (if asked) Re DLA I will look into this, its something I have been advised about recently but I havent the mental strength to deal with it currently. One question that sticks in my gut a little is "why did I change Benefits?" yes im a lone parent, always have been but I had been to Work Focussed Interviews and broken down and got into a total
  9. Paul, thanks for your words. (actually that goes for you all, im so glad I found this place without having to pass over £18.50 grrr) It is really in my hands to have the evidence, some may argue I've had a yr. I write through my daughter on here, I dont want to pester my children anymore than I do already. I dont make calls, my neighbour makes them as me, I could go on but I wont bore people but these are my daily battles and why I turned up with just me, but in the state im often in if im forced to go out. I only saw my WRO twice within 10mths concerning my appeal, but felt I couldnt ask
  10. Reporting back, although a complete wreck... Well I completely went to pieces, pulled over 3 times to be sick on the way there with panic attacks. Panic attack before I went in, the clerk insisted I went in while in this mess. Only 2 people in there, both men, 1 a doctor and 1 a Tribunal Judge. My case has basically been adjourned, the tribunal want to contact my doctor for reports and they want to speak with someone that see's me often so I'm to bring them with me when we reconvene ( i have no idea how long this will take!) He asked me some questions that I perceive as awkward....
  11. cbbc, thank you for your kind words. Im really worried im going to fall into an emotional state. And im fearful of a no and then Im on my own at home until late into the evening. Im feeling massively unstable currently. With a letter I could open it with those that care for me around me, I would cope better. x
  12. Completely had the wrong day, havent slept for over 3 days, thinking my appeal is today and its tomorrow. The clerk called me (to make matters worse) asking me to change my appointment time - I am trying to cope with massive amounts of anxiety and im that confused ive got the days wrong. I just hope i can get there, that my panic and anxiety doesnt stop me. I will report back with my decision Can I ask for the decision via letter, I cant cope with it on the day, even if its a yes.
  13. Is it worth highlighting this, at the appeal, he has totally not even described my state at the time of the medical, I was having a panic attack and crying. Saying I care for my children, when its infact the total opposite! Oh god im feeling so anxious and manic RIGHT NOW!!!!!
  14. Well my appeal is tomorrow, and for the first time i've picked up the papers and read the atos report and im in floods of tears, the bare faced LIES he has written in the report is staggering... Really why should I put myself through this tomorrow.
  15. Sorry im not very clear, my head is a mess. Its my Tribunal hearing...and I know any supporting evidence has to be in 2 weeks prior, this is the part of my illness those that decide DONT see, i HAD to get this letter but couldnt get myself there...
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