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  1. most of the money they are going around the shops he sold the jewelery too to see if they can get it back
  2. hi in all with the money and jewelery around 14 000 my daughter is a nurse and while he was living with them for 6 months she said that he was not on drugs.
  3. hi he is not on drugs he likes going out partying and getting drunk having tatoos and buying expensive clothes even though he does not work. i think his gran wont press charges, he said he robbed her as a way to get back at her because she left a message on his phone saying that if he did not contact her she wanted no more to do with him he normaly either rings her or goes and sees her every week but he had not been or contacted her for 2 months we think that she feels bad about the message she left on his phone and she probaly wont press charges because of this.
  4. hi thank you for your reply i aggree with you and my daughter and his dad does we think she should press charges how else will he learn his lesson my daughter had him living with her and his dad for 6 months as his mum could not cope with him and chucked him out. Money and items went missing at there house while he was there, he went back to live with his mum as i think they had too many house rules. He had only been back there for 2 months when he robbed his gran she is heart broken over it.
  5. hi please could you help me my daughters stepson has done a robbery at her motherinlaws (his grans house) he stole her jewlery and a few thousand in cash he had her key from the age of 12 he is 18 yrs old the police have arrested him as they found her money in his bedroom and he admitted he done it. If his Gran does not want to press charges against him will the police press charges or what happens THANKS
  6. hi please could you tell me my mum died without making a will she left only her house no money my brother lives in the house and has done all his life he is going to do an equity release plan on it as i said i would only want 16000 and i would sign then sign the house over to him. if her cannot get an equity on the house as it is not in very good condition what could i do about getting the money off of him he has quite alot of savings but does not want to part with them. thanks
  7. hi many thanks also how long have i got to do this? i was going to leave it for a few week just incase my brother changes his mind. Diane
  8. hi thanks for your reply how long have got to do this and how much would it cost me please Diane
  9. Hi please could some one help me my dear mum passed away 3 months ago as far as I no she didn’t make a will my brother never married and always live with my mum he cared for her for 7 years before she died with my help with washing house work ect and also carers who came in to wash change her. My mum only had her house to leave us but she wanted my brother to live there when she died and I feel I would want to stand by her wishes but would like my brother to have to give me the £16.000 he promised me. During the 7 years my brother cared for her he saved up £40.000 out of her pensions that was left over after the household bills and food was paid for but he put it in his saving book in his name he told me that I could have £16.000 of it when mum died as he was having the house. Now he says he wont pay me it so I feel cheated by him please what do I do about this please? How do I go about going to probate how long have I got to do this? And will I have to pay any money out to go to probate as I have not got much money to spare. Thanks Diane.
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