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  1. well well look what happened to the little thread , it went all nasty! suprise! well i tried to practie spelling for you so i signed on twice this week, well i sign on but i do a bit fiddle work now and then, the suns been great this week so i been sittn on my front doorstep with my cider chattn to my fellow friends also sitting on there front doorsteps, in our slippers , smoking a bit fag. anyhoo some idiots came round for money but i pretended i wasnt me ha ha ha guess ill get more charges then but so! il tell FOS or someone.yes i hope welscum(good name bet took ages to think of that) get redundant although i heard they have and they gt thousands bet they get loads of stuff from the shoplifters with that. i just got a 100inch tv for my sitting room it looks great, i havent got money for bills though. oh and i got the kids a massive trampoline, hope them welscum collectors dont use it to bounce on to look through my top windows n see me hiding behind my bed. anyway im off for my weekly wash now then to watch jeremy kyle.ta-rah
  2. hello was wondering if anyone can help. i have a really bad credit rating because i can not manage to pay any of my debt back on time keeping with the tems of the ageements so i had no choice but to ask welcome finance for help and they did help me dispite my horrific reputation as a payer. i signed the contract but i doubt i read it pproperly as i think it was a sunny day that day and i was due to go home and sit outside drinking o my front doorstep and talk to my neighbours,anyway i spent the money but when it was all gone i regreted it and decided i wouldnt pay them back, so i complained about the interest they charge even though i should have just read what i was signing for. so that never worked so i thought id start trying to cliam miss sold ppi even though if i was in a job and lost it and was eligible to claim i would have claimed and let them pay it for me happily!! or if i didnt have ppi and needed it i proberly would have said i wasnt offered it!! so anyway ive wasted time complainig and i have blanked all of there calls and knocks on my door even though i was aware of charges so now my balance is higher and i now am complaining my balance is too high but seeing as i never pay ad make them chase me what do i expect. i said i had no money for them buut i actually spent it on fags and booze. then when they came i hid behind the door instead of explaining to them, so they kept ringig me buyt i avoided them still . but imm still the victim right??? i deserve money for no interest or charges.and ill pay when i like but still complain about the state of my balance. i wish they would just close so that there is no other company willig to lend to me so that i can never have ay loans or cars.. help me does anyoe know any other time wasting tactics i can use to stop paying , or should i actually just accept that i signed for it , i spent it so i should just deal with it ????? thanks
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