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  1. PS! Advice is always given here on moving vehicles out of sight of bailiffs, etc., I am in a multi-occupied property with public-parking round the back and the roadside but NO locked garages - can anyone suggest a minimum safe distance away bailiffs not bother looking into from known experience or knowledge of them please?
  2. AH - That might explain why it's taken 8 months before I heard anything about it! Walsall Council have been aware for a long time that this property was in a ruinous condition - I only discovered yesterday that there's a "Class G Exemption" for unfit properties - I didn't know about this or I could have applied for it and possibly had my CT liability totally cancelled - the LL lad constantly refused to carry out the repairs or reinstate the stolen service installations! I'll sort out my Tenancy Agreement for where I am now and take it to 'em at Darnall St. in the morning!
  3. I sent B & S an offer of £100.00 a month via the automated system which not surprisingly turned it down, replacing it with a revised offer of £196 over six months and the first payment of £196 on the 27th which I can't afford as my rent and DDs go out on the 1st April and I would be left with not enough to get to work which is 30 miles away! It is very likely I'll have to carry on going to work on public transport - attempted repairs to my car have so far proved unsuccessful and I've 13 days of fares to find totalling £175 before my next pay-day on the 15th April. Is there any chance of getting B & S to defer the first payment to the 15th April? It's not a case of me not wanting to cough this up. much as I hate paying C.T. because I use virtually no Council services as I live alone without children & am in reasonable health, it's that B & S have given far too short a deadline to meet their demands!
  4. Hi! I've re-checked the N.O.E., the Liability Order it refers to is dated 16 July 2015 so presumably it refers to the 2014/2015 Council Tax Year! However I only received B & S letter dated 16 March 2016 last Friday the 18th - am I still in time to stay off bailiff visit if I email B & S this morning with a more affordable payment offer of £100/month and are they likely to refuse it? I have sent, once again, details of the date I moved out of the un-inhabitable Willenhall property to Walsall Council via their contact form provided on their website - I was unable to access any correspondence at my old address as the locks had been changed - I only found out what the CT A/C No was on the N.O.E.
  5. PS! I've had another look at B & S's letter and it DOES NOT state what financial year they are trying to enforce on - does this matter? They state "Debt to Walsall Council £868.00, 1st Stage compliance Fee £75.00, total Debt £1178.90, leaving £235.10 not specifically mentioned.
  6. Hi! Would a copy of the Tenancy Agreement for my current place in Telford serve for this? I no longer possess means of entering the derelict property in Willenhall as the locks have been changed.
  7. Hi! I was living in a two-bedroomed property in the Willenhall area of Walsall that was totally unfit for human habitation - there was no electricity or gas as the previous installations had been thieved and trashed and eventually I had to move out in May last year as I had had enough, and as well as that I was constantly being called into my manager's office with complaints about personal cleanliness, etc., because I could no longer care for myself properly. (I no longer work for the firm concerned in that.) I sent a letter to Walsall Council advising them I had moved out of this property at the end of May 2015 but received no acknowledgement from them regarding this. I have now received a letter demanding £1178.90 by Bristow and Souter who are demanding a repayment arrangement of £107.90 A WEEK on it from 23 March 2016. Whilst I am in employment at the moment there is no guarantee of me being kept on when my probation period ends in two months time. I thought they were asking £107.90 a month but it's not it's a WEEK. Also included on the letter are the usual threats about seizure of goods. committal to prison etc. Can the good people on here advise me of the next steps to take please? I do have a car but I could park it at a local station a few miles away if needed - it's only worth £450 and I have no other possessions unless B & S want a load of old radio mags and cookery books! Many thanks! PS! It IS possible to get to work on public-transport but I don't want B & S to get their thieving hands on my car as I've been having a great deal of trouble with aggressive beggars in Wolverhampton lately!
  8. Hi! 7-Zip will serve your need and its truly Open-Source Freeware - takes a little while to get to know it's interface tho! 32-bit [url=]http://www.7-zip.org/a/7z1510-x64.exe 64 bit Right-click "My Computer" then "Properties" - the General Properties page should display wether your Windows is 32 or 64 bit type - ensure you download the correct version for the Windows you have! Hope this helps!
  9. Hi! If anyone could assist me with this I'd be ever so grateful! I have an enormous number of cds & dvds of archived stuff as well as (unfortunately!) an untidy filing system on many old HDDs, so what I'm looking for is a *Freeware* (i.e, not trial or one with 'pro' features you've to pay for etc.) Directory Printer Utility that prints in a neat format (*not a plain text only one!*):- 1) Folder Size & Name, Date Created/Modified; 2) File size & Name, Date Created/Modified; 3) A colour icon for each type of list entry - having the icon assists me in sorting directories out! Many thanks.
  10. Hi! Excellent! TfL have accepted an "Out Of Court Settlement/PF" from your son and that will end the matter! (Mods, another happy result that can be closed now if desired me thinks!) Chris Williams
  11. Hi! I thought I'd use CAG for this one as it's not infested with so much spam and rubbish as the PC help forums! I have a very old PC which I cannot afford to replace as I'm out of work at the moment! Spec:- M/B Asus A7V-600X with 2.1 GHz Athlon CPU; RAM 1.5GB DDR II type; Graphics GeForce FX5500 On-board AC97 Sound 145 GB HDD 16X DVD-RW Multi-drive & 48X CD-RW Optical drives, both IDE I am running Windows 7 Pro at the moment with Google Chrome 26.0.1410.5, and any more recent version refuses to install with an error message "your PC hardware is not supported by Chrome!" I am getting incessant Google Chrome crashes, lockups, pages repeatedly not loading, etc., etc. I am getting the Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer but this also refuses to install on the grounds of "Unsupported Hardware!" My Broadband is a BT Home Hub connection provided by my landlord and is very reliable, last about 65 MBps when I tried a Speed Check on it! Can anyone suggest:- 1) Is there a way round the Chrome/Windows 10 problems; 2) What other alternative browser(s) can I try in this elderly machine? Many thanks!
  12. Hi! As there was some confusion in a recent Oyster Card thread as to whether a prosecution notice came from TfL or a Court, it's useful to be aware that TfL have a fixed "House Style" for all letters and correspondence, and anything *Directly* from TfL themselves will be written in a distinctive typeface called New Johnston - the same style of lettering you see used on all signage, posters, leaflets and publicity material. Compare the lettering of anything received with something like a map or leaflet from a Tube Station, etc., if the lettering is identical then it *IS* TfL produced, in which case read it carefully and find out what they are alleging or requesting! However if it's Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial, etc., it could be from TfL *OR* a Court, *in which case you must read it even more carefully* and follow any directions on it to the letter! Hope this helps a bit!
  13. Hi! This obviously was not fare evasion - just an unintentional mistake made in a hurry! Was the ticket confiscated by the inspector? I think you will by now be required to pay the Penalty Fare, but once paid you might be in a better position to appeal it - If you still have the ticket, take a colour picture of it with your smartphone, and enclose a printout of the ticket picture in an apologetic letter asking for a second appeal.
  14. Hi! Member Firstclassx's advice is spot-on! I know from personal experience of myself at that age it can be extremely upsetting to find yourself on the wrong side of officialdom even if you think you've only made a minor mistake and/or one that doesn't matter! Your son *MUST*, as soon as he feels composed enough, write a letter to TfL explaining he was so upset and flustered that he gave his address incorrectly in error, state the correct details on the letter and that he is sincerely sorry! *DON'T* add anything else to it, once the letter has been posted *WAIT* for further correspondence from TfL then post here again with the latest update. As other members have said because TfL's prosecution machinery can still roll on thro' the courts and magistrates, etc., without anyone realising it until it's too late to correct matters, it's most important that TfL are not left in a position of proceeding un-beknown to your son and yourself! It's only about 3 1/2 days since the incident described and I wouldn't think TfL would have gone very far with this, or even at all at this early stage so an apologetic letter with the correct details on it sent promptly *with proof of posting* - free of charge from post office - should arrive in TfL's hands in good enough time for them to consider your son was extremely upset by this mistake and take this into account.
  15. Hi! Member FitzWilliam, I admire you for your supreme efforts in holding your head up against one of the most bullying, un-supportive, selfish and self-opinionated organisations/quangos we have ever had to suffer in living memory, namely the dwp!!! (They don't even deserve capital letters!!!!) Altho' I have never had the need to use Alton, Totton or Basingstoke job-centres, reading your story suggests this vicious and spiteful dwp employee and former guard sounds just like the sort of person to take one look at me and accuse me of goodness-knows-what! Kudos also goes to that excellent young Pupil Barrister who did such a good job in defending both yourself and your innocent friend in court and helped clear you both!!! I wish you all the best to both yourself and your friend for the future and hope neither of you ever has to face this type of criminal harassment and victimisation again!
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