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  1. Hi! I'm just very relieved not to lose my job from this incident – trying to get another Electronics job that pays my current salary that's not hundreds of miles away is a next to impossible task at my age!
  2. Hi! Just an update on this! A different manager to the one that called my disciplinary warning heard my case on Tuesday and today and after considering the matter with H.R., it was agreed that the incident was an accident, but that I was at fault for putting my soldering iron stand in a dubious position where it could cause damage if it fell out of it's stand! The sanction I received was a written warning which they assured as counted as "first", and would be disregarded in 12 months subject to no further disciplinary offences, and that they want me to stay
  3. PS! As well as making sure the cabinet power lamps are out before I leave, I also make sure any Customer's PCBs, etc., being worked on are safely positioned in the centre of the bench as far as possible and that no soldering irons, etc., are left too close to them, in the engineer who sits on the adjacent bench behind me knocks anything on my bench by accident! As I said in my first post I was astonished and mortified when I was shown the accident at 6 am Wednesday by the shift manager – there is another colleague on the group of four benches next to me but he is on the
  4. Hi! Yes, there are large power indicator lamps fitted to the top of the control cabinet and I always glance up to make sure both of them are out before I leave the employer's premises every day. Since the employer introduced the Covid precautions, I have been taking my tools home every day, so I can't be accused of "spreading unknown germs or contamination" (most of my colleagues leave than on or near their benches), and I do look to make sure my soldering iron is safely in it's stand. It's only quite recently I started taking my toolbox back into work and o
  5. Hi! This manager IS supposed (or at least claims to be!) H & S competent, yet he also accused me of leaving a deliberate shock hazard – I disputed this because the supply is totally isolated from earth, surely he ought to know this? This same manager regularly reads myself and other colleagues the riot act about "performance and warranties" (returned repairs that fail to perform to customers expectations) – he has NO experience in the field of work we do, and the nature of the work is industrials which cannot be bench–tested for functional operation, all we can do i
  6. Hi! The only proof they showed me were pictures of the damage that occurred to the socket, nothing else. They did acknowledge that the power to the benches was found to be turned off at the time they became aware of the incident. My manager called me upstairs, showed me photos of the damage, and simply said "I want to know your account of how this occurred". I have had no disciplinary warnings on my record to my belief, certainly none in the past two years.
  7. PS! No safety training on the use of soldering irons and where to use/place them is given whatsoever – apart from the usual instructions supplied with new ones, and ours are refurbished secondhand ones! I have been grumbled at about "too many screwdrivers on the bench", but you need at least four for all the screws in Electronics equipment, as I said there are no rules, guidance or training given, you're in an uncontrolled working environment as you quite correctly state! The only official training given is electrical shock precautions, and in 40 years exper
  8. Hi! My employer isn't unionised and none of the engineers are in one out of a fear culture I suspect! I have already moved the stand and got out less personal tools (no hand tools are supplied, engineers are expected to provide their own with no guidance as to how many and what form). The only reference I made to the employer's C.V. precautions was to state that we were under strong managerial pressure not to be in the building at shift end times, and I am liable to get engrossed in my work as a result of a desire to do a good job of it, and therefore didn't
  9. Hi! I am 59 now and have worked in Electronics repair all my working life. Due to the Coronavirus nonsense, my employer has gone over to a two shift system, with the engineers (there are 46) split into Team A and Team B. I work on a bench at near the back of the workshop, with one other employee who is team A and I am Team B, and the remaining two benches are setup for testing with no permanent employee stationed there. Because of the Covid 19 nonsense we are placed under quite strong managerial pressure to vacate the building at shift end times, and I
  10. PS! Advice is always given here on moving vehicles out of sight of bailiffs, etc., I am in a multi-occupied property with public-parking round the back and the roadside but NO locked garages - can anyone suggest a minimum safe distance away bailiffs not bother looking into from known experience or knowledge of them please?
  11. AH - That might explain why it's taken 8 months before I heard anything about it! Walsall Council have been aware for a long time that this property was in a ruinous condition - I only discovered yesterday that there's a "Class G Exemption" for unfit properties - I didn't know about this or I could have applied for it and possibly had my CT liability totally cancelled - the LL lad constantly refused to carry out the repairs or reinstate the stolen service installations! I'll sort out my Tenancy Agreement for where I am now and take it to 'em at Darnall St. in the morning!
  12. I sent B & S an offer of £100.00 a month via the automated system which not surprisingly turned it down, replacing it with a revised offer of £196 over six months and the first payment of £196 on the 27th which I can't afford as my rent and DDs go out on the 1st April and I would be left with not enough to get to work which is 30 miles away! It is very likely I'll have to carry on going to work on public transport - attempted repairs to my car have so far proved unsuccessful and I've 13 days of fares to find totalling £175 before my next pay-day on the 15th April. Is there
  13. Hi! I've re-checked the N.O.E., the Liability Order it refers to is dated 16 July 2015 so presumably it refers to the 2014/2015 Council Tax Year! However I only received B & S letter dated 16 March 2016 last Friday the 18th - am I still in time to stay off bailiff visit if I email B & S this morning with a more affordable payment offer of £100/month and are they likely to refuse it? I have sent, once again, details of the date I moved out of the un-inhabitable Willenhall property to Walsall Council via their contact form provided on their website - I was unable
  14. PS! I've had another look at B & S's letter and it DOES NOT state what financial year they are trying to enforce on - does this matter? They state "Debt to Walsall Council £868.00, 1st Stage compliance Fee £75.00, total Debt £1178.90, leaving £235.10 not specifically mentioned.
  15. Hi! Would a copy of the Tenancy Agreement for my current place in Telford serve for this? I no longer possess means of entering the derelict property in Willenhall as the locks have been changed.
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