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  1. I wonder what this means in terms of housing benefit freeze?? The landlords would not freeze the yearly increase of the rents, would they? So, that means when the landlords increase the rents you will have to find this "extra" elsewhere? And what about Local Housing Allowance? Why this would not be scrapped completely? How many billions that would save ???????????? IMO the negative stories about people on benefits we read in papers are 90% due to this stupid Local Housing Allowance. And who is it made for? For rich landlords who would otherwise have difficulties l
  2. I've got my medical report today and I paid 50 pounds for the 60 pages of the report. I expect I'd be asked to pay about the same amount for my doctors letter and a consultant's letter. I wonder if there is a way to have a refund for this? From the tribunal to order ATOS to pay for this as they were the ones who have made the mistake :D? Yeah, lets charge ATOS they are the rich ones :D On another note I am so angry with my doctors when I had a look at the report, there are SO MANY blood test results which were quite bad but I was never informed of them ! Some of them constant ale
  3. Well I am on benefits and I think some of the benefits schemes should be cut. One of the main ones that should be cut is the extensive housing benefit i.e paying of the thousands of pounds per week to a single family to unable them to live in a certain property. I do not understand why this is been allowed at all when for the same money they can house 10 families. Although this was shown in the papers as people abusing benefit system the tenants actually have very little benefit out of this scheme, the money goes to the landlord and the landlord in this case is the rich one, who
  4. I have been searching but could not find a thread on ESA Appeal experience, what questions people were asked and how the whole process is done. I read on BBC Ouch! forum that they only can decide about your condition at the time you applied for a tribunal review and cannot take in consideration your condition if it worsened at the time of the appeal. So basically, they would ask you whether your condition has worsened and if you say 'yes' ( which would happen to many people due to stress caused by the whole process) then your appeal is refused but it is recommended you apply for ESA
  5. The receptionist who read back the letter to me said the letter was from the medical test provider and I assumed this was from ATOS, she did not mention the name but said it was from the medical assessment provider. Luckily my GP knows everything about this process and he said today I am going to be supported through the appeal process but he told me to triple the dose of my medicine and I guess this whole process is making people even more ill..
  6. I think this little video on BBC Scotland is only a part of the tonights programme
  7. I am not sure he can help, he is a minister for scotland I think, nothing to do with Social or Medical Service for the UK The new government ministers for work and pensions and health are: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative) Secretary of State for Health - Andrew Lansley CBE (Conservative) I think way to go is to create a number 10 petition, I am not sure how this is created and approaches but I remember seeing something similar regarding a different issue. I guess this petition to Number 10 would be to request an independent
  8. BBC iPlayer - BBC Scotland Investigates: 2010: Who's Cheating Who? Available soon after
  9. I think these are bits to it BBC News - Assessments under new benefits system investigated
  10. Thank you. I have spoken to DWP today and they confirmed this. They were unusually nice and supportive. I have also spoken to my housing team and they also said not to worry, they put a note I am to appeal. I am a little bit confused about the appeal process, does it always go to the tribunal, do they ever approve it/reconsider without going to the tribunal?
  11. Does anyone know if you can watch BBC One Scotland online?
  12. OK 40 days is over too long, I would be evicted by then. Is it possible that I can put in my appeal in phases, making an appeal without the supporting evidence and then providing the evidence later when it arrives?
  13. I cannot believe, I've just spoken to my GPs surgery and they informed me that a letter was sent from Atos to my GP saying that I failed the medical test and they are advised not to give me any more medical certificates. Tough luck, my doctor has already done that , he issued a new medical certificate. Imagine, there is a GP who doesn't understand the system, and if someone comes to them and they do not get medical certificates due to that ! My understanding of the new system: ATOS given contract to reduce/stop payments to the most possible level They fail almost everyone
  14. Further to my original question, I have started preparing myself for the appeal. I have contacted my GP surgery to obtain my medical records, was advised by the reception to have to do it in writing and she mentioned she did not know how long does it take, she thought it was 2 weeks. I thought 2 weeks to obtain your medical file is far too long, is there anything I can do about it? I have to have my benefits reinstalled, have to hurry up with the appeal, otherwise I will be evicted.
  15. I did not know or thought of this during my interview but is it possible to take with you someone official, like an adviser who will make notes during the interview and inform then of this officially?
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