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  1. My tradesman came originally through rated people. Coincidently I've just been reading a very large and active thread about Rated People on the Money Saving Expert website. Seems that both tradesmen and consumers have a lot of issues with them. But I'm sure there are are plenty of good tradesmen on that website, unfortunately they all get tarred with the same brush if there are some bad ones
  2. I agree, personal recommendations from friends and neighbours is the always the best way, but with rain coming in and unable to find any friend who had ever had a flat roof repaired at short notice, I was a bit stuck on this occasion. The first quote for repair was quite reasonable at £450. But they kept finding other things wrong and then it escalated to the whole roof being replaced and a bill of several thousands.
  3. Has anyone any GOOD experience of websites which have searchable databases of allegedly recommended and vetted tradesmen in your area? Last year I needed a leaking flat roof repaired in a hurry and selected a roofer from one of these websites. It listed several "references" from satisfied customers (only by initials and town so unable to check with them personally). The work done by this tradesman looked all right at first but the roof started leaking again a few months ago in the same place as before. I tried to contact the company but surprise surprise both mobile and land line (an 0800
  4. I purchased a VW Polo in March 2003. The VW database ( based on reg number) shows it as as an earlier model engine as it really is. This has caused me problems in the wrong fuel pump and the wrong head gasket being fitted. Both faults cost me extra money any time without a car. The VW customer service refused to speak to me as they claimed as I was not the owner ( according to their data base ) . When I pointed out that my name was listed on the vehicle log book so accordoing to DVLA I was the owner , the jobsworth woman said they did not recognise DVLA registration. It is now looking as if th
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