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  1. HI I won my claim - I was refunded all £522. I attach the letter I sent them below which might be helpful for people in a similar situation. Good luck! Dear Sir/ Madam I write in reference to the account above and the unfair charges that have been applied, currently at £422.57 (and due to have another £100 fee applied on 29th April) – This account was opened in parallel with a savings account that matured after 12 months After the savings account matured and closed, the current account remained open. I have not used this account for a significant amount of time and hence the balance was zero before the charges were applied Letters informing me of these under funding charges and unauthorized overdraft charges (caused by the under funding charges) were sent to my parent’s address of XXXX where I no longer live and consequently I only received them when I went to visit on the 3rd April. After opening the letters I visited the Alliance and Leicester XXX branch on the same day and spoke to a sales advisor who passed on the complaint to your Complaints Team for further investigation and changed my contact address to the one at the top of this letter. I have since been refunded £25 I am thoroughly unsatisfied with the outcome. I feel that I have been taken advantage of given that it was obvious from the activity on my account that I had not used the account in months and therefore was not aware of the funding requirement. To settle this, I am willing to pay a fee of £100, which I believe is entirely reasonable. If my offer is not accepted and I do not hear back from you in writing at the following address (XXX), within 2 weeks, I will be refering the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
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